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Guillotine Escapes with Lachlan Giles

Guillotine Escapes with Lachlan Giles


You Have To Know How To Defend The Guillotine Choke. Lachlan Giles Has You Covered!

I find myself learning a great deal when I watch content from Lachlan Giles. He’s an incredibly technical instructor, but he’s extracted the most important technicalities from the moves and gets them across quite well. When you’re learning something, especially for the first time, it can be difficult to digest if there’s a thousand steps and several tiny details. Every time you revisit a technique through your career, you will see it in a different light, and be able to add details as you go. Giles does a good job of covering the technique so that we come away feeling like we’ve learned something, and this is critical in the BJJ learning process.

If you fight from half guard, this one with will absolutely change how you approach the jiu jitsu half guard battle.


A good guillotine will have you seeing stars, and when a guillotine is secured properly and locked in, there’s little chance of escape. The front headlock position has always been a staple of grappling, but its innovations have exponentially increased its effectiveness, and popularity. If you find yourself here, you’ll need a plan of escape, and some ways to keep the neck safe.

In this video Lachlan Giles gives us some ideas on how to safely remove ourselves from a guillotine scenario. There are some great concepts here are worth a listen and a look. Check it out!

Giles begins with a simple concept you may not have been aware of. We know that our head being on the outside of our opponents’ body can make it easy to feed into a guillotine. Giles moves his head underneath and to the middle of his partners body to avoid this problem. He then reaches up and secures his partners elbow with his left hand in this case. He then strengthens his hold on the arm with his right hand as well, and begins to circle towards that side to begin removing himself from the situation. This is a great preemptive way to stop a front headlock choking scenario.

If your partner is able to sit back with your head trapped, Giles recommends reacting quickly by pinning the hips and jumping to the opposite side of your partner's body. This of course is a perfect world escape, and you must be way ahead of your partner to make it work.

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If the path to the other side has been blocked, Giles posts on his partners hip and turns his body upside down into a bridging position. He continues to walk around his partner until he reaches the opposite side and can settle in to side control. Something to take note of here would be the focus on your partner’s hips as you work through the technique. Your partner can easily follow you to the mount if you take the attention off of keeping their hips at bay. There’s also the possibility of the anaconda choke from here, again, if we don’t focus on shutting down the hips. Great tips and details!

And of course, at the end of every guillotine choke defense there is the opportunity for a Von Flue choke. Never heard of it? Check it out!


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