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Lachlan Giles Breaks Down Lucas Lepri’s Amazing Single Leg X Detail from Euros

Lachlan Giles Breaks Down Lucas Lepri’s Amazing Single Leg X Detail from Euros


Quick Technique Breakdown With Lachlan Giles!

Lucas Lepri had a phenomenal performance at the 2019 IBJJF European Championship. He was the smallest man in the absolute division, and enjoyed an amazing string of wins. No doubt one of the greatest of all time, Lepri showed tremendous skill and heart throughout the entire performance. As many of the greatest competitors do, Lepri has added his own innovations to BJJ over the course of a storied career, and Lachlan Giles points out one of these many innovations from Lepri’s performances at the Euros.

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When working from single leg X, Lepri employed an interesting method of coming up on the single as he was establishing his single leg X. If you missed it, have a look at this quick break down from Giles.

When we set up the single leg X it often begins with a shin to shin scenario. From there we tilt our partner and let our shin to shin leg slide up and around our partners leg, encapsulating it. The traditional position offers plenty in the way of sweeps, transitional properties, and it’s a great starting point for entering leg lock territories.

But as Lepri begins to enter the position, he instead opted to post his elevating foot at the top of his opponent’s far side thigh, creating distance, and an opportunity to come up on a nice single. Giles also points out that at times he made use of the gi tail in this situation to add some extra security.

This is awesome. Giles refers to this detail as something that could be the new evolution of the single leg X position. After seeing it, I would have to agree. This could add a whole new set of layers and possibilities to single leg X. Amazing stuff.

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