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How About That Half Guard?

How About That Half Guard?


Half guard has emerged as one of the go to guards of many Jiu-Jitsu player across the globe. Some of the best practitioners on earth have spent heavy emphasis on developing their half guard game. Luckily for us Lachlan Giles has us covered. BJJ Fanatics just released "The Half Guard Anthology". 

The half guard anthology aims to be a comprehensive look at Lachlan's half guard and how it has impacted his overall game. If you follow him on his youtube channel you are already familiar with how well he teaches. This anthology set will give you a look at the variants of half guard, includes all of the variants he uses, and has over 10 hours of comprehensive footage. 

So why choose to learn more about half guard? Some people can look at half guard as a disadvantage since both legs are not wrapped around the waist to control your opponent. However the fact that our legs are focused on one side of our opponents body affords us some serious leverage on the side that we are attacking. Sweeps are aplenty from half guard but so are submissions.

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Here Giles demonstrates the viability of the Kimura system from half guard. In this video Lachlan also shows just how dominant the Kimura grip can be once it is established. Being able to be focused on one side of our legs allows us to stay off to the side and better control our opponents weight. Often times the more weight the passer tries to apply will only help the half guard player in the long run. 

The Half Guard Anthology aims to be a one stop shop for everything half guard. Sweeps, control, transitions, and submissions are all covered in this over 10 hour half guard extravaganza. 

Lachlan Giles has emerged as one of the premier Half Guard specialists in the world. Up your game and buy now!




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