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How to Get Your Mind Right For Jiu Jitsu Training

How to Get Your Mind Right For Jiu Jitsu Training


How To Establish A Daily Training Mindset For Jitsu and Life.

Let us face it, getting your mind absolutely right for any real world situation could lead to better outcomes of that specific task. Of course the same principle exists in any martial art, especially in Brazilian jiu jitsu. If you have the proper mindset your training will benefit greatly. With that in mind, let us look at a few tips on getting your mind right before you start to train.

The importance of setting Daily goals

What do you really wish to accomplish on a specific day that you are training? Well, there are many different things that you may wish to accomplish. You may wish to accomplish something such as leg locks, or escaping side control, or even something as simple as focusing on your breathing. By setting a daily goal you will keep your mind focused and work to rid yourself of meaningless tasks throughout the day.

Kurt Osiander - "SHUT UP AND TRAIN" knows a thing or two about getting your mind right, and old school RENEGADE Jiu Jitsu.


Focus During Instruction And Pay More Attention

Drilling is crucially important. Do not underestimate this importance. Of course well all really love to roll in jiu jitsu, but the reality of martial arts is that training and drilling is where all of the magic really happens. I urge you to pay very close attention to the instruction, and drill all of your moves with intention, and a goal in mind. It is important to remember never to get lazy. Naturally, this is much easier said than done. But stay focused on moving with intention, so that you are able to notice when you are having issues with a specific instruction. If you are really struggling you might want to ask your instructor. You could also ask a higher belt level student.

The fact of the matter is, we all have good friends, and we all want to socialize as much as humanly possible. The honest truth is that this can very easily get in the way of your training. Talk to your training partners before or after jiu jitsu class. Be respectful and do not talk during class. If you do so you are being a distraction, which is rude to your training partners and your instructor.

Reflecting On Your Day

What went well? What did no go well? What went really bad? What could you have done better? What areas can you improve upon? What scenarios do you need to adjust to? Questions like these will allow you to focus your thoughts around a center and make you more focused for your next training session. I encourage you to write things down if you really need to, and then look back at the things you wrote down after a full day of training hard. If it was a bad day, no big deal. So be it. Let it go. But be thankful for the really good days. And always be grateful that you have grappling in your life and a good gym to train at.

You want to always take a little time to center your mind when you are headed to the gym or jiu jitsu class. In doing this, you will definitely learn to accelerate the rate in which you retain vital information. This will ultimately make you far more productive. So please, I encourage you to give it a shot, and see what works well for you!

Kurt Osiander is one of the most recognizable, entertaining, notorious, and unique jiu itsu coaches in the world.  He has a no BS approach to training and learning the art of jiu jitsu.  He runs a popular YouTube series called Kurt Osiander's Move Of the Week.

Kurt has finally taken a lifetime of BJJ experience and is showing all his best sweeps, submissions, escapes and passes in this comprehensive four-volume  DVD / On Demand set.

Kurt draws from decades of experience, attention to detail, and straight forward personality as he lays it all out there in real, understandable terms. This isn't a bunch of Berimbolos intended to impress, this is real, effective Renegade jiu jitsu!



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