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How Advanced Is Your Guard?

How Advanced Is Your Guard?

In simplest terms, the guard in BJJ serves to keep distance between us and our opponents, typically by using our legs and hips as the first line of defense, supplemented by our arms and the grips of our hands.  The guard can be broken into two broad variations, the closed guard and the open guard.  In the closed guard, our legs and feet are entwined around the opponent's body and the feet are locked, keeping the circuit closed.  The open guard is much more varied and can be come in many different forms ranging from the seemingly simple to the more complex.

It is important to establish a good working knowledge of a variety of guards to begin having some success in BJJ.  Understanding when to open your closed guard can help keep you on the offensive which is an important concept in BJJ.  Otherwise, someone will be opening and passing your guard which automatically puts you on the defensive and playing catch up.  But having a general knowledge of guard doesn't mean you have an advanced guard.  There is much more than the ability to stop someone's guard pass or sweep them to make your guard advanced.

Having an advanced guard means that you understand the fundamentals and concepts of guard, or the rules of the position so well that you know exactly when it is time to break those rules and create something new. It is through innovation that BJJ continues to grow and evolve.  An advanced guard is innovative.  An advanced guard is creative.  It serves a variety of purposes and is more often than not offensive in nature.  The opponent will feel threatened, uncomfortable, and scrambling for an escape in an advanced guard.

Neil Melanson is the perfect example of a Coach who's depth of knowledge covers a variety of grappling styles outside of BJJ like catch wrestling and who has learned and understood the rules so well, that he can break them and create something better than what existed previously.  He has coached some of the greatest MMA and grappling legends and the list of accolades regarding his instruction and depth of knowledge are almost endless.

In the triangle submission Neil shows below, we also get a step by step breakdown of K Control which is a version of open guard that seems to blend the best weapons of closed and open guard.  The powerful head control, reminiscent of closed guard traps the opponent keeping them from posturing.  Hooking the bottom arm under their thigh keeps them anchored and backs up the head control.  The use of the legs to both cinch and launch the hips up and around the opponent's arms and torso threatening a number of submissions.

 Straight from his latest Advanced Guard Systems release, Neil Melanson shares another triangle set up.  This time it is from a version of open guard utilizing a strong over hook.  Pay close attention to the ice pick grip he employs.  That is a key detail that will strengthen your control without burning out your grips.

 Neil Melanson is here to help you develop an advanced guard.  With his creative techniques that have been tested on the highest stages of MMA, you will gain years of knowledge in his new, power-packed instructional Advanced Guard Systems available here from BJJ Fanatics!