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How to Arm Drag From Half Guard

How to Arm Drag From Half Guard


Great Setup For A Quick Back Take!

Usually when playing different types of guards, we are looking for intricate sweeps and submission attempts. I think that many grapplers get so obsessed with the idea of sweeping as tripping that they subconsciously ignore a lot of other opportunities that exist for attack opponents in our guard. This is why we need to develop a concept of guard that allows us to take advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself so that we are always one step ahead of our opponents.

Other than tripping sweeps and submission attempts, there are two simple things one can do from guard. The first is simply to stand-up and take our opponents down. There are a lot of set ups for standing up to a single leg that are rarely utilized. The other attack we can utilize from guards is arm drags and collar drags. 

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Most people that have grappled for at least a few months have heard of arm drags, but they rarely learn it or try it. The arm drag is one of the most consistently effective tools in Jiu Jitsu that can be utilized in many positions such as standing, closed guard, butterfly guard, and even guard passing.

One position people don’t generally associate with the arm drag is half guard. The arm drag from half guard, especially butterfly half guard, is an excellent tool for getting to our opponents’ backs. In the following video, Black Belt Legend Bernardo Faria explains in great detail how to use the arm drag from half guard to get to our opponents’ back.

The most interesting thing about this technique is how it differs from other half guard arm drags. In most half guard arm drags, you will be taught to drag the same side arm, which is great and works a lot, but opponents are usually wary of it. Cross side arm drags are unique in that most people don’t attack them and therefore opponent’s will not expect it.

One of the most important details that needs to be understood about arm drags is that the technique isn’t in how strong you can drag your opponent’s arm. Instead, to have a better arm drag, the attacker needs to focus on moving their hips out of the way. This small detail will fix arm drags from any position.

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