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How to Create a Solid Knee Shield with Bernardo Faria

How to Create a Solid Knee Shield with Bernardo Faria


All great half guard players have many things in common. They all have a deep understanding of framing, and how its used most effectively. They know how to position themselves for optimal application of the half guard. And they’ve all perfected the placement and utilization of a solid knee shield. These are just a few of the skills top tier half guard players have mastered, and there are other pieces of the half guard puzzle, but where is a good place for a beginner to start? If you don’t have years of experience in BJJ and wish to start using the half guard, you’ll need some key points to get started.

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A strong knee shield is paramount to any kind of success in the half guard. It keeps our opponent at bay while we set up for the next move, and gives us time to decide where were headed offensively. In this video Bernardo Faria gives us some key points on setting up a solid knee shield. These are things that any person looking to employ the half guard should know. Check it out!



Faria first gives us advice on where to let the knee shield ride. He refers to the placement of the knee shield being likened to where a seat belt would cross your partner's body. This will aid in keeping your partner from smashing your leg down, and also provide a sturdy frame.

Faria puts his right hand (palm up, in the style of a cross choke) deep in his partners collar. If Faria’s partner begins to try and put downward pressure on his legs to smash them, it will feel as if he’s choking himself due to the grip Faria has acquired.

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Faria’s bottom hand is in charge of framing his partners outside arm. This will defend the acquisition of the cross face and keep Faria’s partner from flattening him out, which can be crucial to keeping the half guard established.

With all of these key elements in place, it gives us the freedom to transition to other guards, and start to become offensive. A good knee shield can give you the ability to take your time, and slow the game down a bit, helping us to become more successful half guard players. Keep all of these details in mind, this is a great place to start!

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