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Link Your Passes Together with Lachlan Giles

Link Your Passes Together with Lachlan Giles


If The First Doesn't Work, Try The Second!

How well do you transition between passes when attempting to break through an opponent’s guard? Its an invaluable skill. Whether you stand to pass, or stay on your knees, you must be able to change your path when the one you’re on begins to fail. Ironing out these transitional movements is essential in the gi and during no gi exchanges. In the gi you may be able to settle in with a little more ease and commit to one pass for a longer period of time. But in no gi, where there aren’t as many anchors and gripping advantages transitions happen quickly and we need to know where to go next.

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When passing from the feet in no gi we have some advantages. Generally, we can move around our partner at a faster rate than they can keep up with, and we also have gravity on our side. However, this does not mean that passing will be easier. There are common reactions to certain passes. And we need ways to take advantage of these reactions so we can continue to advance.

In this video Lachlan Giles gives us some great ideas on this very subject. He inks three passes together, and explains the transitions between each one, when being met with common reactions. Take a look!

Giles begins by executing a toreando pass. He places one hand on the hip and the other hand on the knee, and begins to rotate around his partner’s body. As he turns back to eliminate the knee and complete the pass, his partner frames on his shoulder with his knee, stopping the completion of the toreando. Here, Giles switches to a stacking style pass. He makes sure to get his partner leg on his shoulder for a proper stack, and settles in. When his partner defends the stack by adjusting their hips, Giles switches to an over the leg style pass, and uses a backstep to finish the sequence.

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All of these passes can be interchanged, and used in combination in several different ways. An understanding of how the bottom player might move can help increase your passing percentages exponentially, and this kind of drilling can help to cement those themes. Take your time, and go slow at first. Once the muscle memory is there, the movements will become more natural, and you’ll begin having more success.

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