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BJJ Instructionals Are Changing the Game

BJJ Instructionals Are Changing the Game


All The BJJ Instruction You Need, Right At Your Fingertips!

When I first started training BJJ the amount of instructional material available was somewhat limited. Of course, there were videos on YouTube, and some DVD’s available. But accessing the things you were looking for wasn’t always the most convenient process. There seemed to be a mystique about certain teams and instructors, and if they didn’t put out any content, we were really only left with a couple of options to try and attain their knowledge. You had to either make the voyage to the location and spend time on the mat with them, or you had to wait for a seminar to pop up and attend.

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With the massive amount of content now available through the internet, we’re able to get an inside look at how some of the best BJJ players in the world approach their training. We’ve been granted access to private lessons in our homes from some of the finest instructors in BJJ, and we can now take a class with them anytime we choose to do so.

What has this done to BJJ? I feel it has caused the bar to go up. As an instructor it’s been incredibly helpful. For me personally, there have always been some dark spots within certain techniques and mechanics. Watching instructional material from Tom DeBlass, and John Danaher, for example, has connected several dots for me, and shed light on those dark areas in my training and instruction.

So how can all of these titans of the sport release their greatest secrets without any hesitation? With all of the information available from John Danaher, why can’t everyone be Gordon Ryan? Because there is a common denominator that all of these top tier practitioners and coaches share. Hard work, unwavering dedication, and commitment. Nothing replaces it. You can have the entire catalog of the all the greatest players from our time, but that must be coupled with an unparalleled work ethic if you hope to achieve a high level of success in BJJ. With that being said, the beauty of instructionals is that everyone can still benefit from these materials tremendously no matter what your goals are.

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As BJJ technique evolves, so does the learning process. Training at an academy will always be part of the experience. That’s where all of the magic happens. You become part of the BJJ family, and forge relationships that will last a lifetime. Our communities need us to sharpen each other, and to build strength within our teams. No, nothing will ever replace that live BJJ setting, and the feel of an amazing class, but instructionals have certainly brought a great deal of value and insight to those that teach BJJ, and students of BJJ all over the world. As the bar continues to go up, we can all benefit from having access to a  higher caliber of instruction and technique, and the BJJ instructional provides that.

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