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How to Finish the Kimura

How to Finish the Kimura


Kimura Mechanics To Get You The Finish!

The kimura is a simple shoulder lock that involves rotating the arm around the shoulder joint while the elbow remains bent at 90°. The best attribute of this submission is that it can be attacked from a wide variety of positions including guard, side control and even while moving like passing the guard.

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The kimura can be used as more than just a submission. The kimura can be used to pass the guard and even defend your guard from getting passed. More importantly, the kimura can be used most effectively as a position rather than just a simple shoulder lock.

The most common position to attack of the kimura from is top side control. When a defender attempts to get an under hook, they usually expose their arm for the kimura attack rather obviously. Once the kimura gets locked in and pinned, you can proceed in a number of different ways to get the attack. Unfortunately, many grapplers are aware of this basic submission and can make it very difficult for the attacker to finish. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the appropriate details to finish this submission.

In the following video will show you some of the most important details for finishing the kimura:

Typically, when attacking the kimura, I would recommend bringing the elbow parallel with the forearm of the defender. This is only good, though, when the defender doesn’t have their other forearm to frame off your hip. In a scenario where the defender has their forearm to defend it, is important to keep the attack as tight as possible.

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Sliding the elbow above the defender’s shoulder line causes a similar effect as when you slide the elbow below the shoulder line when attacking an Americana shoulder lock. This movement eliminates a lot of the shoulder’s rotational ability before the submissions begin to hurt so that when you add just a little amount of pressure, the pain will be great enough to cause a defender to tap. Another thing I like to do when attacking the kimura is use my hand to rotate the defender’s arm forward away from them. This will also eliminate the shoulder’s ability to rotate comfortably.

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