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Samurai Choke from Knee Slide

Samurai Choke from Knee Slide


Slick Gi Choke Setup From The Top!

The samurai choke, more popularly known as the baseball bat choke, is a strangle that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent decade. This choke, usually attacked in the gi, utilizes the defender’s lapels to restrict blood flow to the brain and therefore put them to sleep. Although this choke is commonly used in the gi, it can be used no gi with the appropriate grips.

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The samurai choke can be attacked from a wide variety of positions but is most commonly attacked from side control or knee on belly. The choke can even be attacked when defending on the bottom and works surprisingly well although it is risky. The samurai choke also looks similar to the basic cross choke except the arms don’t actually cross.

One of the best times to begin attacking the samurai choke is while passing the guard, especially with a knee slide pass. Because the positioning of the top player while knee slide passing resembles the position they are in when they are in knee-on belly, the choke becomes an excellent option because the defender must defend the pass and the choke simultaneously.

Watch the following video by BJJ Fanatics to see exactly how this set up can be attacked:

Pulling the bottom part of the lapel over and around makes the submission extremely tight. The samurai choke can, however, be attacked without looping the lapel around. Instead just place your hands in the same position on the collars of the gi and it will work equally well.

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After establishing the appropriate grips, there are a few different ways you can go about finishing the choke. As done in the video, you can pull the defender and apply pressure here. If the defender postures, however, it will be difficult to create the necessary pressure to get the tap. Another way you can go about finishing the choke, which is done more commonly, is finishing the guard pass and rotating your body over to north south. Not only is this finish tighter but is also more difficult for the bottom player to defend.

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