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How to Get to Back Control From Mount

How to Get to Back Control From Mount


Attack From The Mount, To Get To The Back!

The mount is easily one of the most dominant positions in fighting and grappling. Not only is it extremely for a mounted person to hurt their attacker, with adequate knowledge, the mounting grappler can do almost anything they want. One thing you might notice moving up the ranks of Jiu Jitsu is that it becomes extremely difficult getting submissions from the mount. Grapplers become very aware of the potential attacks and therefore can defend appropriately.

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In response to the increased difficulty of getting submissions from mount, it is important to develop systems that allow one to get submissions or transition to the back. One thing I like to use often in grappling is systems. Systems work for me personally because I enjoy lateral thinking and always want to be ready to move to the next thing rather than continuously attack the same thing. In this article, I want to talk about a system of attacks from mount I use almost every time to great success.

This system starts with a simple arm pin from mount to begin an Americana set up. The Americana is a very low percentage submission but is a great asset to get people on their back moving. Many things can happen after the defender’s arm becomes pinned. If the defender either does not move, or slides their elbow up over the shoulder line, it would be an excellent time to transition to a head and arm choke by bringing the elbow close to the head.

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More often, though, people will roll onto their side to grab their wrist. After they grab their wrist, I set up gift wrap, which is essentially when you wrap an arm over their neck and grab it from under the head. After setting up the gift wrap, slide up to a higher mount. From here, one can finish and armbar rather easily. My preferred option from here is getting a seat belt grip, sitting to my butt, and taking the defender’s back.

This system is a very simple one that uses techniques all grapplers know and can do. Systems are not about difficult techniques, they are about appropriate transitions based on timing and the defender’s specific movements. Each counter to a defender’s movement must be drilled into memory if systems are to become effective.

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