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How To Finish The Reverse Triangle From Knee On Belly

How To Finish The Reverse Triangle From Knee On Belly


Knee on Belly to Reverse Triangle by Joel Bouhey

Joel Bouhey is a black belt under Luis Heredia. Joel spends a lot of time training and techning his innovative style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. One of Joel’s specialties is the reverse triangle. He has even released an entire series on the reverse triangle here at BJJ Fanatics. The reverse triangle is a sneaky and often under utilized submissions. You can often catch opponents off guard no matter what their level of skill is. Today Joel is here to demonstrate one of his favorite techniques, the knee on belly to reverse triangle. Joel Bouhey has used this many times successfully in high level competition before, so you know it is battle tested and proven works. If you have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or other forms of grappling martial arts you will likely be familiar with the knee on belly. The knee on belly can be one of the most demoralizing positions to catch your opponent in. It is a great position for both submitting and transitioning with. Joel will show us how he uses the knee on belly to set up his most notorious and powerful submission, the reverse triangle.

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Watch the video below of Joel Bouhey demonstrating the technique and then we will break it down. Check it out now!

Some times when you are attacking the arm bar from knee on stomach you can bait your opponent. Other times with a really strong training partner you will get knocked over. Joel Bouhey starts off the technique with his knee across his opponent’s stomach. He dives forward so he can set an under hook. Pay special attention to how Joel Bouhey uses his head to trap his training partner’s arm.  From here he moves into the straight arm lock position. He steps his leg around his opponent’s head to go for the arm bar. Normally your opponent will counter this by sitting up and pushing into you. This is the movement Joel Bouhey exploits to reach back and get his grip on his training partner’s arm. Now that he has the proper grips he adjusts his body position, extends his leg to take away all remaining space, and then locks up the triangle.

What I like the most about this technique is how it plays right off of the failed arm lock. Let us be honest, a lot of guys are going to see the straight arm lock coming for days, and they are going to know how to defend it. But what they will not know how to defend is this reverse triangle. Using your opponent’s instinctive defense mechanisms against them is a great way to keep moving into harder, lesser known submissions. The beautiful thing about Joel Bouhey’s reverse triangle series is that it shows you how versatile the triangle truly is. It is not a common approach to hit a reverse triangle off of a failed arm lock, but this demonstration from Joel shows you how a bit of creativity can really go a long way.

If you find yourself loving the knee on belly (who doesn’t like to make their opponent uncomfortable?) this technique is a great submission for you. Joel Bouhey is a master of the knee on belly to reverse triangle, but do not be surprised if this move takes you a few tries before you get it right. Focus on pressure, passing, and the correct angles for hitting the triangle. You want the feeling of getting it nice and tight before you work on your speed and aggression. So find a training partner and give this one a shot the next time you are live rolling. It could be a great new submission to have in your arsenal!

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The Closed Guard has become a stalling position. Guys get there, and the fight stops.. It becomes ugly.. boring. Joel Bouhey, a very well respected black belt from Hawaii has come up with a very nice tweak for this position. By overhooking one arm and connecting it to his other arm, he develops superior leverage that is very hard to manage. Once he gets this grip he has a huge advantage as you will see...



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