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How To Go To SLX Guard…No Gi Style



The single leg x guard is one of my favorite guards to play. Almost every time I play it I can get a sweep and use it to get to ashi garami. Then from there, I can go for all my fun leg attacks. While some Jiu Jitsu competitors like to sit guard and start attacking, the rules don’t always allow it. Some tournaments say there has to be some kind of active guard pull. So the question arises…how can you get to the single leg x (slx) guard with an actual pull? The answer is relatively simply and might surprise you.

One of the best ways to control someone in the no gi style of competition is with an arm drag. The arm drag is one of the techniques that competitors big and small alike can successfully execute in a live situation. So for this slx entry, you are going to use a slightly modified arm drag. Control your opponent’s right wrist with your left hand, and grab his tricep with your right hand. You’re going to need some counter pressure, so pull him forward. As you do that, you need to quickly sit and shoot your legs underneath him. While you are underneath your opponent, you will need to throw your hips up high and go to slx guard. The most important aspect of this maneuver is once you pull your opponent and shoot your legs underneath, you need to immediately throw your hips up. If you do not, you will most likely get mounted.

As far as where to go after you get to slx guard, you have options. If your opponent stands, you can simply throw your hips up again and sweep him over. Then you can work some different leg lock attacks. If he stays low on you, you can transfer to a standard x guard. And if he steps back with one leg, you can always hit a tripod sweep. These options are all solid and available.

Of course, in my opinion the best course of action after to getting to slx guard is to work a sweep so that you can get a foot lock. The momentum and control you can get for the foot lock from here is quite grand. So, if you’re open to those style of attacks then you can submit anyone from there. If you’re interested in the position and the possible leg attacks, then you need to check out…

Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks by Dean Lister. Click here!


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