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Electric Chair BJJ - Incredibly Strong Half Guard Sweep


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For anyone that loves the no gi game of Jiu Jitsu has at some point, experimented with some of Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet material. Since Eddie’s system is entirely no gi, he has some great insight on what is beneficial and what isn’t. Bravo’s style of half guard is known as the lock down. The 10th Planet lock down uses an inward grapevine to disrupt and take away your opponent’s base. Coupled with the low under hook of standard half, the lock down is incredibly effective for many sweeps. One of the strongest sweeps from the lock down is known as the electric chair. With proper use of the electric chair, not only will you get on top, but you will also be able to pass the guard as well. Let’s see what the master himself says…

From half guard, use your legs to attain the lock down. After getting it, you need to make sure that you use your left arm to get a low under hook on your opponent’s hip. Then you will need to use your right arm to under hook your opponent’s free leg. You need to rock him forward and then roll over to the side, using your left arm to post up. As you post, you need to make sure the opponent’s right leg is high up on your shoulder, and NOT your bicep. As you come up onto your opponent, you need to use both of your arms to gain a strong connection around his head and arm, using a gable grip. Now simply undo your lock down and use a back step to put your opponent in side control.

There is also the groin stretch option that Eddie shows in the video, but it only seems to work on those with low flexibility. Anyone that has a decent amount of flexibility won’t tap to it. The sweep is more of a sure thing, and you can count on it being a higher percentage technique.

Eddie Bravo has quite the system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His whole system revolves around the rubber guard, twister side control, the truck and the lock down. It has proven to be effective by not only himself, but by other competitors such as Denny Prokopos, Nathan Orchard, and Geo Martinez. If you want to explore Eddie’s system more in depth then you need to check out…

Mastering the Twister by Eddie Bravo. Click here!

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