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How To Not Get Smashed With Bruno Malfacine

How To Not Get Smashed With Bruno Malfacine


When we talk about not getting smashed by the “big guy” it seems that everyone immediately tends to think of the 130 pound practitioners they know and train with.  

While that’s certainly a threat to our lighter teammates, this treat is not exclusive to the lightest handful of members at your academy. Not getting smashed by the bigger opponent isn’t just a concern for the smaller sub 150 pound jiu jitsu practitioners.  You may be considered a big training partner in your academy, weighing in at 190 - 200 pounds but the reality is, someone coming in at 265 – 285 is much bigger, and quite capable of smashing you and you need the tools to be safe and effective in your training.  Until you’ve felt that weight difference from someone of a similar skill, it’s hard to understand.

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When choosing your training partner, ideally, you want to pick someone that is a similar body type to you.  The reality is this may not always be possible. It’s still very possible for you to train effectively with a bigger opponent, however when it comes to live training it’s important that you are prepared to handle the weight and overall size difference of your opponent.

Let’s check out Professor Faria and Professor Bruno Malfacine’s video titled How to avoid getting smashed by the bigger guy.

Starting with looking at stopping the bigger opponent from passing our guard Professor Bruno Malfacine shows that first and foremost he needs to keep the distance.  Allowing the opponent to close distance makes it almost inevitable that you will soon be getting smashed.

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Professor Malfacine starts with controlling the opponent’s arms by controlling the opponent’s wrists.  He then works to get one foot in front of the opponents’ knee as a road block. Once the foot is in place Professor Malfacine likes to arm drag the arm opposite of the knee that is being blocked by his foot.  This enables him to get off to the side and away from the opponent.

The key to success when working with a larger opponent is to always, no matter what, keep distance and use their weight against them in off balancing them for sweeps to get to a more dominate position.

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