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Mental Preparation For Competition With Bernardo Faria

Mental Preparation For Competition With Bernardo Faria


Are you ready to compete?  Have you already stepped on that stage and you’re looking to be more prepared for the next time?

 Regardless of if you’ve never competed, or competed several times, there’s no disputing we could all learn a thing or two from a champion like Professor Faria.

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One of the most common questions that comes up is how to mentally prepare for competition.  How do you show up confident, and manage the nerves of the unknown, especially the first few competitions?  Jiu jitsu training is absolutely imperative to your success in the tournament, but mental training, or lack of will make or break the tournament.  

Professor Bernardo Faria shares with us how he mentally prepares for a tournament in his video BJJ Mental Training: How Bernardo Faria Readies Himself To Compete.  

The biggest mistake is long before the tournament in training.  People tend to pick the easy opponents and are proud of winning every round.  It’s important to pick the opponents that are the tough and challenge you, opponents that can and sometimes do beat you.  Ideally you want to take on the toughest training partners when you are tired, and they are fresh to make the training that much harder for you and stack the deck in their favor.  Take few, or no breaks between rounds. It should be tough. It’s supposed to be hard here, in training, in order to make it easier in the competition. Remember in the competition you will likely have several minutes between matches to recover your strength, but let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Train and prepare as if there will be no breaks, and every opponent will be stronger faster and more technical. Suffer now so the competition is easy.

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Get used to losing in training, do not get used to losing in the tournament.  The more difficult you make the training leading up to the tournament, the easier the tournament will seem.  The opposite is true as well, if you decide to choose the easy rounds in training and “win” in training, you’re setting yourself up to fail at the tournament.

As you may have assumed, there is no “secret sauce” that magically makes you mentally tough.  You have to do the hard stuff. Professor Faria closes saying that he believes mental preparation is not something that occurs the day of, or even a few days before a tournament, this is something that starts long before.  In my observation, the competitors that perform the best seem to live this mindset daily, regardless of how far out they are from the next competition. It’s a great mindset for competition preparation, but it also circles back to why jiu jitsu is so good for us in our everyday lives.  

Do the hard things today, so that tomorrow can be easier.  

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