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How To Pass The Spider Lasso Guard With Over Under Grip By Bernardo Faria

How To Pass The Spider Lasso Guard With Over Under Grip By Bernardo Faria


Over Under Against Spider Lasso by Bernardo Faria

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it can be very difficult and sometimes frustrating when dealing with a good guard player. A top level BJJ competitor will spend years working on making their guard pristine. You will find that even though you think are you are doing well on top, you might make one wrong move and the next thing you know you are being swept, landing flat on your back. If this sounds like you, then keep reading. I assure you that it will only take a few tweaks to tighten up your guard passing game.

Learn Exactly What The Best Passer In The World Is Thinking As He Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Pass The Toughest Guards You’ll See At Any BJJ Academy or Tournament Bernardo Faria Teaches 29 Of His Best Guard Pass Techniques Updated For 2017. He Also Includes Running Commentary On His Sparring With Another 29 Sessions With Crazy Tough Brown & Black Belts, Including One World Champion.


In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, no one is more versed in guard techniques than Bernardo Faria. Bernardo is one of the most dominant fighters in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bernardo is well known for his simple approach to jiu jitsu. He is a 5 time Black Belt World Champion and has even won the most prestigious title in all of Jiu Jitsu, that being, the Open Class World Title at Black Belt. Bernardo is known world wide for his trademark over under passing position. Bernardo is an excellent example of an incredible black belt on and off of the mat. He is known for being one of the kindest human beings in the Jiu Jitsu community; he is extremely open-minded and always learning. Bernardo always wears a big smile because he is truly enthusiastic and passionate about Jiu Jitsu, he is happiest whenever he is on the mat, not only is he one of the best people, and competitors, he is also an excellent instructor.

Today Bernardo Faria is here at BJJ Fanatics Head Quarter and ready to demonstrate his over under pass against spider lasso guard. The “spider lasso” guard is a combination of two different techniques, the spider and the lasso. The “spider” aspect of this guard involves your opponent controlling one of your arms with a straight leg, and a foot in your bicep. The “lasso” aspect involves controlling the other arm by “lassoing” the leg to capture it. Using both legs, and establishing grips, this guard can be very difficult to pass. Bernardo’s infamous over under passing style fits this guard perfectly. Let us take a look at how Bernardo uses to over under to pass this particularly tricky guard. Watch the video below of Bernardo Faria demonstrating his over under technique against spider lasso guard and then we will break it down. Check it out now!

Bernardo Faria starts out this demonstration in top spider guard position when his opponent also has the lasso. To handle this situation, the first thing Bernardo does is like to break down the spider guard. He does this by pulling up on his arm and stretching his training partner’s spider guard as wide as possible, causing his foot to move away from the bicep and towards the forearm. Once Bernardo does this, he lifts up his knee and bumps against the heel to free his arm from the spider guard. Now his hand goes underneath his training partner’s gi pants and he switches his hand downwards as if he were trying to punch to mat. After that, Bernardo establishes a tripod stance in order to pass one leg over the lasso. He covers the foot with his thigh, keeping his weight as heavy as possible. From here Bernardo can break the grip and reach for the over under.

Once Bernardo has the over under he has control over when and how he wants to pass the guard. He pushes down on the leg that was lassoing in order to stretch it out, making it easier to pass with both his legs. As you can tell, this is a really great method for passing the spider lasso guard. The spider lasso is the perfect set up to establish over and under hooks. This will give you a huge advantage, as long as you take the proper methodical steps to break down the guard. Take note of how much detail there is when Bernardo walks you through this pass. All of these details are crucial to getting the pass right. You might want to watch this video a couple times through to pick up on all the little nuances. Anyways, I hope this video helps you. Be sure to give the over under a try against a good guard player, and do not worry if you do not get it right on your first try. As long as you are playing around and learning the concept of the over under pass you are working towards improving your game and becoming a well rounded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. Thank you Bernardo Faria for sharing this technique with us here today!

Bernardo Faria is arguably the most well rounded BJJ Athlete in the world, with 5... yes 5 world titles. What makes his one of the best is his half guard and his passing - especially his over under pass series. If you are looking to gain all the secrets on how to pass every BJJ guard that has ever existed, then check out his DVD series called Battle Tested Pressuring Passing By Bernardo Faria.



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