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"The King” Gordon Ryan Sets his Sights on MMA

"The King” Gordon Ryan Sets his Sights on MMA


The King On His Way To The Cage!

Gordon Ryan has been showing up in the social media feed quite a bit lately. Most recently for his intentions to compete against some BJJ heavy hitters for a lot of cash. While we’re waiting to see if any of the challenged competitors respond and confirm fights with Gordon, he has also released another statement. One that confirms he will not be continuing his conquest of gi competition.

Many of us were excited to see Gordon compete in the gi. It was an exciting thought to see him clash with some of the best gi competitors and see how he fairs. Although, I believe Gordon would have been wildly successful had he entered the gi realm, his choice makes sense in relationship to his goals. And quite honestly his no gi career and presence in the no gi BJJ community has been plenty exciting, and hugely successful.

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Gordon’s teammate Garry Tonon has shifted his focus to MMA, and has had much success. He’s currently undefeated at 3-0. Surely his competition will get stiffer as he continues down the path, but he’s proved that the boys from the blue basement have plenty to offer when it comes to the cage.

Gordon is a physical specimen, and an elite grappler. Though we haven’t seen much in the way of how his striking is coming along, he certainly has all the tools, and the right team around him to help propel him to a successful MMA career. In the meantime, we will keep enjoying Gordon’s reign as the no gi king. We’ll be looking forward his transition to MMA!

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