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Weight Based Mount Escape From Down Under

Weight Based Mount Escape From Down Under


Escaping the mount is hard, let Lachlan Giles help you out of a jam

Being put in the mount can be a terrifying thing for the beginner, and it should be! Many tournament structures place a high value on the mount, because of the advantages it provides the person on top. Being on the bottom can make you feel helpless, and without any technique it is basically impossible to escape. Lachlan Giles has some tips to help you get out of the mount.

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We always hear position before submission, but the emphasis on position can be applied to escapes as well. Many times a person who is mounted will panic and start to franticly struggle. This provides oppurtunities for the opponent to capitalize on your struggles. Quickly a bad position can turn into a worse position. So when escaping mind the details and you may just find yourself out of a jam.


Upper Body Battle

Lachlan makes note of where the hands/frames should be on his partner. He starts to turn to one side to begin his escape. Turning to one side will create a high elbow and a low elbow. The high elbows job is to connect to the opponent’s hip so that they cannot slide up under his arm. The low elbows job is to wedge inside of his partner’s legs.

Instead of just trying to jam it inside of their leg, Giles starts to pull his upper body away from the knee creating the space to allow him to slide the lower elbow into place. Another great detail is that he doesn’t link his hands, instead he fans his hand outwards away from his body. Giles describes the position as having more leverage to widen his partner’s base.

Lower Body Battle

Next we have to focus on what are legs are supposed to do. It’s important to point out that Lachlan is on his side throughout all of this. This will give him the angle he needs to make his lower leg flat. When it is flat he can start to clear the line of the foot. As this happens Giles is able to use his top leg to reach out and trap his partner’s leg on top of his lower leg. From here it is a matter of getting the opponent’s knee off of the floor which will free our bottom leg.

Slowly creating space is one of the underlying themes of this video. Giles is able to generate a lot of space with small calculated movements. Frantic struggles will open opportunities for our opponent to capitalize on.

But what if they defend?

Count on it! A reaction to this common tactic is to remain heavy on the knee. If the opponent is heavy on one leg the other will more than likely be light. The same tactics apply with the upper body and lower body. If the partner has a heavy base dedicated one direction Giles simply hip escapes which lengthens  out the lightened leg. This allows entry into the single leg X/Ashi Garami position.

Understanding where to take your opponents base will lead to many escapes and advantages in Jiu-Jitsu. Giles has quickly become an international resource for all things Jiu-Jitsu.





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