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The Real Key Behind Porrada Training? Technique

The Real Key Behind Porrada Training? Technique


Every Day Porrada is the philosophical movement started by Romulo Barral that has caught popularity and is regularly becoming a fallback explanation for hard training and embracing the grind that a jiu-jitsu lifestyle can bring. Porrada is tough, intense training, and everyday porrada is an extension of that, living a life where you seek out the challenge and you pour yourself into your tasks (and into your jiu-jitsu). Any hard work that you are embracing can be called everyday porrada, and the rejection of laziness has made it a good fit into the goal-oriented people that gravitate to BJJ.
When you hit the mat and train porrada, you are pushing yourself and your limits by giving all your focus and energy to the drilling and sparring. Many professional grapplers train this way very often, and people who do it for fun or exercise often less. Still, every once in a while we all have to have those hard days where we see how we do under pressure. Without them, you stagnate and stop improving. All you need to do to become a part of this movement is to train harder, but before you do that you have to remember the secret to porrada training.

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If you push your body too hard, too often, then injuries and burnout are surely right around the corner. There is only so much you can struggle and grapple before your body is depleted, and all we can do is manage that energy as best we can. The most efficient ways of fighting will let us fight harder, longer and that means using the best technique whenever possible. Just like trying to drive too fast for too far, using strength and speed will only use up your gas tank faster.
When you are pushing your body hard, strength, speed, and energy will all be valuable assets that you can't waste by trying to power things through. Instead, when you are training your hardest, and going for that everyday porrada, technique becomes king. Like former Tyson trainer Cus D'Amoto would often repeat, "Don't drill it until you can do it right, drill it until you can't do it wrong."
So how can you focus on your technique in tough training? The first key is how you prepare. Every time you are drilling or flowing, make sure you can achieve the move without using unrealistic amounts of force. Teach your body the correct movements to connect, so that those pathways are already familiar when you need them. Even when sparring against a lower belt, or even a person new to BJJ altogether, use proper leverage and momentum and limit any physicality.

The spider guard can be a basic position to stay safe and set traps, but it can also be a really dynamic and versatile guard! See How It Turned Romulo Barral Into A 5-Time World Champion


To improve your technique, you have to be able to shelve your ego. Don't fall back into bad habits, instead learn by trying something new and a little bit more precise than what's been missing in the past. Just because you have an answer from somewhere, be willing to listen and learn from others if they offer you a new perspective.


Living an everyday porrada lifestyle is for everyone who is pushing themselves to be better through hardwork, an admirable point of view that we can learn firsthand on the mats. While you are looking for that lifestyle, start with an even more important principle: technique is king, and a little planning and preperation can go a long way.

The Greatest Spider Guard Player In History: 36 Year Old Romulo Barral Shows All Of The Tricks, Hacks & Techniques That Allow Him To Dominate Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Much Younger Guys With This Unstoppable Guard


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