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How To Perform The Gogoplata With Jeff Glover

How To Perform The Gogoplata With Jeff Glover


The Gogoplata is a very interesting submission to say the least. Some say that is simply a joke move that pretty much only works by accident. Others say that it is actually a completely viable move that isn;t a joke and that you should train it and drill it in class. This history of the move has made it a controversial move in the BJJ community. 

There is a pretty good argument to make that even if you believe that the submission is a joke move, it is still effective. No one can say that nobody has ever got a submission from a Gogoplata, considering how many people can actually use this technique to get a tap effectively, whether it's in MMA or in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

So that should be a good enough reason for anyone practicing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to at least learn the technique and drill it. If you want to land this technique effectively, you’re not only going to need to drill it a lot, but also have a good coach show you the in and outs and little details of the technique. Well don’t worry because we have just the guy for you! 

In this video, Jeff Glover is going to go over how he likes to set up and finish the Gogoplata. Jeff Glover is a submission wrestler and fourth degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt whose competed in the high levels of both Gi and No-gi competition. 

How To Use The Gogoplata In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  


The video starts off with Jeff Glover trying to say that the Gogoplata is a controversial move and how it is mainly a move used by more flexible people. Jeff then goes into how you complete the Gogoplata from the closed guard. You need to pull your leg over your opponent’s same side arm and put your shin bone across your opponent’s throat. You then place your hands around the back of your opponents head and pull them into your shin while simultaneously pushing your shin into their throat. This will get you a tap and probably even a few coughs pretty quickly. 

After showing the technique from the closed guard Jeff actually says that he lands this technique more from the top of mount than he does from closed guard. From the mount Jeff gathers up one of his opponent’s arms. Then he’ll step up with the same side leg. Then he’ll take the leg and pull it just under his opponent’s chin. From there you can press into your opponent. You’ll also have gravity on your side making the choke even more brutal. These are the two main positions that you can get the gogoplata from. 

Jeff then goes on to show how he uses the gogoplata as a counter to a double leg. If you’re getting double legged and it's too late for you to escape. Once Jeff lands on his back, he very quickly goes to lace over his leg to get it into position. Once he has it in position, he pulls on the foot to complete the choke. 

You can even be in a normal omoplata position and take an angle into your opponent to try to catch the gogoplata from the side. 

If you like this technique breakdown and want to learn more from fourth degree BJJ black belt Jeff Glover, then checkout his complete video series on chokes “Choke Artistry by Jeff Glover” Available exclusively on BJJFanatics!



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