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Surprise Your Opponent With A Roger Gracie Approved Wrist Lock

Surprise Your Opponent With A Roger Gracie Approved Wrist Lock



Wrist Locks are one of the best ways to make your training partners not like you and Roger Gracie is one of the best Jiujiteiro ever. A deadly combination. Here, Roger Gracie shows how to attack the wrist from your Closed Guard!

Attack The Wrist With Roger Gracie!


The Wrist Lock is an extremely effective technique that is not utilized by many people. There are many types of Wrist Locks, some twist, some compress in or bend backwards and some are a combination. The biggest reason some people say Wrist Locks are not very good is because they lack control. To control an opponent to Wrist Lock them you need to find a way to isolate the arm while controlling the elbow and  the wrist. To do this, Roger attacks the particular Wrist Lock from the closed guard because it will do all of those things.

To start, the opponent is in your Closed Guard with posture and grips. The grips your partner needs for this technique are a sword grip on the lapels with their right hand and a sleeve grip in their left hand. This is a common grip combination for passing the guard. Roger says 90% of people get these grips before standing to pass the guard, stating that he too even uses these grips to pass. Roger goes on to explain that the grips are so useful because they prevent you from attacking because he has your hand controlled, making it difficult to attack or sweep but they are open to the Wrist Lock.

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Noticing what grips his opponent has, Roger knows his Wrist Lock is a good option. Pulling his hand tight to his chest while keeping his elbows in will in turn help straighten out the opponent's arm a little bit. Because they are grabbing your sleeve they are also connected to your movements. The more Roger can pull his arm to him, the better. Roger further explains that your goal is not to over power the opponent but to simply keep your hand pulled in tight to your chest, this also makes it harder for the opponent to stand because they are not as secure. If the opponent is really strong and you cannot simply just pull your hand in, Roger Gracie further demonstrates that he can use his whole body to assist but lifting his hips high to straighten his body while slightly twisting towards the arm as well.

Once Roger is able to elongate his opponent's arm he will look to use his other arm to chop thumb side down on the opponent’s elbow to bend their arm. Roger explained earlier that when you chop their arm, to make sure you go under their sword grip arm and not over, stating that if you try to go over it they can simply block you by pointing their elbow up. Once Roger chops the arm he wants to keep the opponent's elbow on his abs while his other arm extends towards the opponent to further bend the arm while grabbing the opponent's palm to bend it back while his chopping arm grabs his forearm to lock in the attack. To finish the submission Roger makes sure the opponents elbow stays on his abdomen or they will be able to wiggle free.  If you want to master this technique, find also BJJ Fanatics Wrist Locks Masterclass.

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