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Effectively Sweep From Cross Ashi with Jeff Glover

Effectively Sweep From Cross Ashi with Jeff Glover


Jeff Glover is known for his ability to sweep and attack from any position. Using butterfly hooks and elevation, Jeff will show you how he likes to enter the 4/11 or Cross Ashi position!


Technique Breakdown

The 4/11 leg entanglement position is typically looked at as a leg lock position to attack the inside heel hook although you can also use it to sweep the opponent as well if the ruleset maybe does not allow heel hooks Jeff Glover explains. To enter the Cross Ashi, Jeff starts out in a butterfly guard. Jeff’s grips are collar tie and tricep control, left hand holding the opponents neck and the right hand just cupping the tricep. Using these grips, Jeff looks to pull his partner to him using his grips while hooking the inside of the thighs with his  butterfly hooks. Going to his back with his partner elevated by the butterfly hooks, Jeff can now enter Cross Ashi.

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To enter Cross Ashi from the Butterfly Guard elevation, Jeff Glover keeps his grips the same while his legs do the bulk of the work. Jeff uses his left butterfly hook to keep the opponent elevated for a second, while simultaneously Jeff drops his right leg and moves his opponent past his dropped leg by using the butterfly hook. While making the switch with his legs, Jeff uses his grips to tilt his partner into the Cross Ashi.

Jeff Glover says that this was a difficult move for him to learn, but now that he has it down, it is one of his favorite ways to sweep. From the Cross Ashi Jeff shows how you can pass to Side Control. To pass, Jeff sits up and leans towards the opponent while his bottom leg pulls his heel to his butt. Once Jeff Glover’s heel is tucked he can use that leg to drive himself up on top of opponents hips. Once lifted, Jeff immediately cuts his knee across for a Knee Slice Pass. Notice that when Jeff lifted himself up he got his underhook on the left side right away. That under hook is extremely important because without it your opponent can follow you up on the knee slice. Once passed the Guard, Jeff goes right to a Kimura lock.

Glover explains that this move can be a little tricky because of the angle that you sit your partner down at. Additionally, you can use alternative grips. A grip that Jeff sometimes uses is his one hand on each wrist. Jeff Glover also gives you a drill to practice to help understand the movements your legs and hips are making on this technique. To start, your partner sits on their knees with their hips lifted. Jeff sits on his butt and puts his left butterfly hook between his partners legs, hooks the same side leg and steps on the calf. From here, Jeff uses his hands positioned behind him to elevate himself off the ground while his right leg moves under his left leg simultaneously pulling his hips in closer to his partner. Jeff explains that this drill helps you understand what is happening once you elevate your partner and make the switch with your legs because essentially you are making the same movement as when you drill it sitting but instead the opponent will be in the air. 

The final tip from Jeff Glover is just a general drilling tip that he does with everything he practices. Jeff likes to just throw in a submission once he completes his sweep and guard pass. This is a good habit to have when drilling because you learn what some of your best options are for a submission after your sweep or pass!

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