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How To Re-hydrate After A Weight Cut For A BJJ Tournament

How To Re-hydrate After A Weight Cut For A BJJ Tournament


Post Weigh-in

Any level of dehydration does some damage, but since we did it the smart way, we minimized it

The Damage

Dehydration of organs and tissue, including the brain Electrolyte deficiency due to sweating
Glycogen depletion from liver, muscle, and brain
Start of muscle catabolism from amino depletion

The Remedy (if weighing in immediately before fight)

You should have the following ready-made in a 32 ounce bottle: 100 grams of carb supplement (Karbolyn)
7 grams of BCAA powder
Electrolyte replacement supplement (Xtend)
Drink HALF of this IMMEDIATELY after weigh-in, then sip on the rest as needed
* For Tournaments or 2-day events that require weigh-in both days, you will need to do a combination of the above. You are usually safe eating a good meal after competing day 1, but monitor your weight. You should safely be able to sweat out or metabolize about 1-3% of your weight in just a couple hours.


The Remedy (if weighing in the day before or several hours before fight)

Immediately after weigh-in
Glycogen refuel: 36 oz sugary juice (grape juice) or carbohydrate supplement (Karbolyn) Electrolyte re-balance: minimum of 48 oz gatorade or electrolyte supplement
Anabolic re-start: Protein shake or BCAA pills/powder
Continue drinking water mixed with high sugar juice (about 50/50) for about an hour
Eat high-sodium meal


  • Rehydrate: 24oz. water for each pound lost the last 24 hours
  • Continue glycogen refuel: (aprox. 100 grams carbs per pound lost since carb cut-out. 10 lbs = 1000
    grams (4000 calories.) More is ok
  • Continue Amino load: 1 gram protein per pound of Lean Body Mass (aprox.) More is ok.

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