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For everyone that starts training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it becomes an instant goal to attain their blue belt. The blue belt has a mystique to most white belts. That is because blue belts are pretty darn competent at performing Jiu Jitsu. A question that I hear a lot is “what can do I to defeat blue belts”. Well it isn’t as hard as you think. When I was a white belt, I received some excellent advice that I now pass along to my students. If you want to beat blue belts as a white belt, you need to practice four fundamental techniques. Here are those techniques…

4) Armbar

The armbar is a Jiu Jitsu classic. Going back to the early UFC’s, everyone remembers Royce Gracie using the armbar to defeat bigger, stronger opponents. This is one you need to drill both from the closed guard and from the mount position over and over. You need to learn how to use your grips to make sure you can make that blue belt extend his arms. Go slow, use your pressure and you will find yourself getting it again and again. My favorite armbar to this day, is the old school armbar from closed guard.

3) Flower Sweep

The flower sweep is important for a couple reasons. Not only will the sweep allow you to get on top of your opponent, but if he does defend there are submission counters that will make him wish that you just swept him over instead. Practice this with the standard sleeve and pant grips, but also practice it using the arm drag for no gi purposes. Make the flower sweep one that you can hit in your sleep if need be.

2) Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is single handedly the one technique that I owe a lot of my success to. Both in my Jiu Jitsu growth, and my competition wins. The triangle is one that you can hit so fast. One second, the opponent thinks he is safe and the next he is tapping from a blood stopping choke. Learn to hit it off of your back with a variety of different grips. This will make everyone weary of your guard.

1) Straight Foot Lock

As a white belt, I cannot tell you how many times I tapped blue belts out with just a normal straight foot lock. No heel hook, nothing twisting, just a old school foot lock. It is because many BJJ practitioners, even colored belts neglect lower body submissions. Practice the technical aspects of the foot lock and drill it from two positions. Those positions will be from off of your back and from standing while your opponent is on his back. This will give you two great avenues of foot lock attacks.

These are not crazy techniques. These are not flashy techniques either. They are just fundamental BJJ. And if you want to start beating blue belts and move on up in Jiu Jitsu, these are the techniques that you need to drill and use in rolling as soon as possible. If you want another great guide on beating blue belts and actually moving up to that rank, then check out…

The Road To Blue Belt by Travis Lutter. Click here!


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