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How to Takedown Bigger Opponents

How to Takedown Bigger Opponents



If you have ever grappler against a bigger opponent, you probably skipped out on the wrestling part and either pulled guard or waited for your opponent to pull guard. Just rolling is difficult enough against a bigger grappler, so why bother wrestling against them, when you are certain that your underdeveloped wrestling skills will just disappoint you.


There is a lot of reasons to learn to wrestle against bigger grapplers. First, if you are ever in a competition, sometimes you will have to go against a bigger grappler in the same weight class or absolutes. You should also learn how to takedown bigger people in case a bigger person attempts to attack you in a self-defense situation.

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Wrestling against taller, heavier opponents must be approached differently that if you were wrestling someone your size. The basic penetration takedowns like double legs and single legs become near impossible against a bigger person. Because of this, it is important to learn other tricks to help you takedown a bigger grappler.


One advantage smaller grapplers have compared to most large grapplers is speed. Although the bigger grappler is stronger and heavier, appropriately using speed and agility can get you to positions that allow you to takedown your opponent with little risk. The best way to takedown those bigger guys is finding ways to get to their back or sides. The following video by Henry Cejudo illustrates two techniques for doing just that.



In these techniques, Henry Cejudo, UFC Champion, explains that in order to get around wrestling bigger grapplers, the smaller grappler needs to be able to trick their opponent and use their size and slowness against. In both techniques, Henry allows Bernardo to move forward on him. When Bernardo moves forward, Henry uses that aggression to slip and get to Bernardo’s back.


I won’t be the person to tell you to wrestle every grappler bigger than you. Sometimes it may be advantageous to pull guard in a competition or just escape in a self-defense situation. What I will say, however, is that it is important to learn how to wrestle against bigger people for the instances that you may have to.  

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