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Seated Guard Retention with Tom DeBlass

Seated Guard Retention with Tom DeBlass


Good Drill To Retain Your Guard With Professor Tom DeBlass! 

I deeply believe that solid BJJ drills can have a massive positive effect on the development of our movement and also our understanding of certain critical themes in BJJ. If we’re deficient in a particular area, there is a drill that can help you tighten up that piece of your game. When I heard that Tom DeBlass was going to be releasing an instructional that was solely based on drilling, I smiled ear to ear. DeBlass is not a small man, bur he certainly moves like one. The fluidity and efficiency of his movements have always been something I’ve noticed and admired while watching him train.

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In this video we get an inside look into one of the drills that DeBlass covers in his instructional. Listen to what he’s saying here. You may pick up much more than you bargained for.

We’ve all laid on our back at some point and playfully used our guard. But, when it comes down to it, we don’t want to concede to this position. If someone puts you on your back from a seated position, it should be because they earned it, not for a lack of effort. Simple lying down gives the top player one less thing to do. Our ability to stay ahead of the passer is greatly reduced here.

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Enter Professor DeBlass. Similar to being on your back, your partner has a much better chance at staying ahead of you when they’re on their feet and your seated, so to try and match their speed is also a wasted effort. To avoid the passer gaining position from lateral movement we have to create space and then re-engage. As his partner moves around to the side, DeBlass doesn’t try to match his movement, he simply creates distance. This puts his partner out of position to close the gap for a successful pass. Once the attempt is shut down by the creation of space, DeBlass moves back in and reestablishes inside position.

DeBlass often times offers quite a bit of philosophical insight along with his instruction. He has a great way of explaining the method to the madness. If you’re looking to close up some holes in your game be sure to pick this one up! Coming soon!

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