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How To Use BJJ Sweeps for Street Fights

How To Use BJJ Sweeps for Street Fights


BJJ For The Street: Foot On Hip Sweep To Get Up

When you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you are training real self defense. Often what is taught for the sake of competition can be modified and adapted to work on the streets. Think about this for a second, how many times have you pulled guard on the hard ground? It does not necessarily make sense to pull guard when you do not have a soft mat to land on, or even worse, have multiple attackers all throwing punches at you. This is a simple example but there are many principles in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that will be different when dealing with a real life street fight scenario. Nobody knows this better than Chad Lyman. Chad Lyman has combined his years of operational law enforcement and Mixed Martial Arts experience to emerge as one of the nation’s leading defensive tactics trainers. He is the consummate professional, trainer, and street cop whose dedication to students and the advancement of officer safety through modern tactics is unparalleled. His intensive study and experience led to development of the comprehensive intermediate use-of-force training system; Code 4 Combat. Today Chad Lyman is here to demonstrate on of his BJJ for the street techniques: the foot on hip sweep to get up. Often times, in a street fight scenario, it is best to get back to your feet as quickly as possible. Chad will demonstrate how to do that today. Watch the video below and then we will break down Chad’s technique. Check it out now!

Even though Jiu Jitsu is the HOTTEST sport martial art, especially combined with MMA skills - but it IS the ultimate street self defense martial art for police officers and civilians.


In this scenario, you are on the ground trying to get back to your feet as your attacker follows you to the ground. Remember, if your attacker gives you any space, now is a good time to get up back to your feet. It is important to remember that if your attacker gives you any space at all it is a good time to get up. Chad kicks at his attacker’s legs to create space to post and do a technical stand up. Notice that he keeps his eyes on the attacker his entire time, and gets his hands up to protect from punches. In a situation where your attacker is pressed up against you and you can’t kick him you first want to establish a barrier by placing one of your feet on his hip. This is critical from keeping your attacker from mounting you. From here you can grab your attacker’s ankle on the same side as your foot on the hip. You can use your other foot to establish a hook behind your attacker’s knee or ankle, and use your other free hand to protect your face from punches. You can use a push and pull method to topple your attacker and get back to your feet.

Another option Chad Lyman shows us is a sickle sweep, where you place your opposite foot on your attacker’s hip and get to your side. This gives you both hands to shield your head from punches. Now you can grab the ankle of your attacker and use your other foot to sweep your opponent. Once he hits the ground you can do a technical stand up to get back to your feet.

As you can tell, there are key differences in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for competition and for the street. In a real life street fight scenario, you are at a disadvantage fighting from guard. If for some reason you end up on the ground your first priority should be to get back to your feet. This is made much more difficult by an attacker who is throwing punches or kicks. Creating space is crucial in allowing yourself an opportunity to get back to your feet, as demonstrated here by Chad Lyman. I hope you find this technique useful, it is important to have in your arsenal in the unfortunate event you need to defend yourself on the streets. Thank you to Chad Lyman for demonstrating this hip sweet to technical stand up for us here today!

As A Martial Artist, Your Friends Will Expect You To Defend Them If You, Or They, Ever Get Into A Jam: Chad Lyman’s Techniques Will Transform You From A Competition BJJ-Trained Athlete To A Wrecking Machine In The Street.

The techniques here could mean the difference between Humiliation and being a hero or even more importantly, life and death.

This is the most comprehensive DVD Series ever produced by a BJJ Black Belt to teach other BJJ Fighters how to protect themselves in the street.



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