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Take The Back Every Time With Leo Vieira's Way

Take The Back Every Time With Leo Vieira's Way


Leo Vieira Back Take

When you think of some of the most aesthetically pleasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, you will often think about just how impressing Leo Vieira’s game truly is. Leo Vierira, also known as Leonardo “Leozinho” Vieira is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Romero Cavalcanti. Leo is famous for not only his amazingly eye pleasing BJJ game but his impressive track record as well. Leo is the co-founded of several important Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teams, both Checkmat BJJ and Brasa Clube de Jiu Jitsu. Leo is also known as one of BJJ’s most important coaches. He has developed talented atheletes such as Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’, Lucas Leite, Joao Assis, and others. Leo is considered to be one of the top competitors of all time by many. The list of Leo’s accolades is impressive. Some of his main achievements are: ADCC Champion (2003, 2005), IBJJF World Champion (1996, 1999), IBJJF Pan American Champion (2002, 2004), CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (1998), ADCC Runner up (2011, 2007), IBJJF World Championship Runner up (1997), and IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2000).

Today Leo Vieira is here to demonstrate one of his most preferred methods for taking his opponent’s back. This technique has been used by Leo in many high level competitions, so you know it is battle tested and proven to work. Watch the video below and then we will break down Leo Vieira’s back take technique. Check it out now!

Attacking The Back is not as easy as you think. In fact, John Danaher thinks the modern BJJ methods of attacking the back are flawed. His System of Attacking The Back has created some of the best submission hunters and finishers in the world. Learn the system that has the highest finishing rate in EBI overtime history.


This back take technique starts from side control of a turtled opponent. The Leo Vieira back take can be broken down into two simple steps:

Step 1: The first think you want to do is get your knee between your turtled opponent’s elbow and knee. This will allow you to get inside the turtle position and break down your training partner’s posture. From here you want to step your other foot on the mat as you glue your chest to your training partner’s spine. Now you want to slide your arms into the seat belt grip position.

Step 2: Once you have completed all the movements in step 1, the next thing you want to do is bring your head to the mat and forward roll. Now you can use your shoulder to pressure your opponent’s head down. Sink your hooks in as you are finishing your forward roll. It is important to remember to keep the seat belt tight.

That’s it! Talk about an easy, effective technique for taking a turtled opponent’s back. Often times, a turtled opponent can hard to deal with, especially if you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or have not had a lot of exposure to this position. But the good news is, there is a primary weakness when it comes to remaining in the turtle position: you expose your back, and if you do not mount an attack quick enough you risk being exposed to a back take such as the one demonstrated here today by Leo Vieira. This is a really cool technique! I hope you find it useful the next time you are training on the mats in a live roll or competitive situation. Thank you Leo Vieira for demonstrating the back take for us today.

The Danaher Death Squad Athletes are some of the best back attackers in the world. There is a system that they follow from John that gives them the blueprint to become the highest rated finishers in EBI History.

By focusing on the same principles that created one of the most feared submission systems ever, John feels he has perfected and revolutionized the way his athletes can attack from the back. His athletes move from attack to attack, constantly creating more and more advantages for themselves, until they are getting the tap.

John Danaher Shates the Secrets of Back Attacks With One Of the Greatest Jiu Jitsu Minds of our generation with his 8+ hour DVD / On Demand Series: Back Attacks Enter The System



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