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How To Use The Kimura For Police Officers & Self-Defense

How To Use The Kimura For Police Officers & Self-Defense


Kimura For Cops by Brian "The Jiu Jitsu Cop" James

Brian James, aka the jiu jitsu cop, runs his own YouTube channel where he makes videos showing basic Jiu Jitsu techniques to help officers stay safe. It is a very informative channel, you should check it out. Today Brian James is going to demonstrate to 5 time world Champion Bernardo Faria how he uses the kimura grip to defend himself. This is especially effective if a perpetrator is trying to grab an officer’s belt or gun. Ultimately the application of jiu jitsu is different for police officers than it is competitive BJJ players. This is because it can honestly be a real life or death scenario against people who may be armed or violent.

Even though Jiu Jitsu is the HOTTEST sport martial art, especially combined with MMA skills - It is also the ultimate street self defense system for police officers and civilians.


Watch the video below and then we will break down Brian James technique. Check it out now!

Brian starts off his demonstration using a scenario where an attacker has taken his back, grabbing him around his waist where he duty belt would normally be. If the attacker reaches for your gun, the first thing you want to do is lock down his arm so he is not able to pull it out. Brian James uses both arms to control his attacker’s arm. From here he immediately starts working for the kimura. He reaches around behind Bernardo’s arm, comes up and connects with his own wrist while breaking down his attacker’s posture. From here you can spin around with the attacker’s arm and keep it tight behind his back, completely breaking down his posture. You can hold him here or take him to the ground by trying to put his hand to the back of his head.

Even if you are not a police officer, there is a very good self defense technique. When you get the kimura grip and put the arm behind your attacker’s back, you control where there body moves, or if they refuse to move you snap their arm. This is a great technique to drill in class, and it if you are a beginner it teaches you the principles of the kimura. Thank you Brian “jiu jitsu cop” James for sharing this technique!

Jiu Jitsu was designed to be the best martial art. The one that could defeat all in life or death combat. To this day, this remains relatively correct... but... most BJJ athletes are now ignoring the combative aspects of jiu jitsu to focus more on the playful aspects of BJJ. Chad Layman believes this is "not a good idea". A Jiu Jitsu athlete should have the skills to defend himself and protect others. If not, it's almost irresponsible. Thankfully Chad has a DVD / On Demand series on just that - how to integrate your sport jiu jitsu skills into reality based self defense.



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