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Slick Closed Guard Americana Wrist Lock From Claudio Calasans

Slick Closed Guard Americana Wrist Lock From Claudio Calasans


Learn Claudio Calasans Americana Wrist Lock From Closed Guard

Wrist locks can be some of the most demoralizing submissions for any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. The reason for this is that they are almost cheeky in nature, making it frustrating when you tap to something so basic. Wrist locks are virtually everywhere. You can hit them from even the most un-expecting positions. Wrist locks are often taught from the very first few days you step on the mat but can take a life time to truly master. Today we are going to look at Claudio Calasans Americana wrist lock. Claudio Calasans is a Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, regarded by many BJJ enthusiasts as one of the top grappling middle weights in the sport.

Claudio Calasans - ADCC Open Weight Champion - is know for taking out the big guys with ease. If you're a smaller grappler who faces the big dudes in the gym, you need to pay attention to Claudio.


Watch the video below of Claudio demonstrating his Americana wrist lock then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

Claudio Calasans starts this technique from the typical bottom closed guard position. Typically your opponent will stand up in an attempt to break your guard. This is perfectly okay. You can take advantage of this. First, grab his sleeve as he goes to stand. Use your leg and your hand around his forearm and at the same time grab your training partner’s wrist. Pull your opponent forward with your legs to break his posture and use your far hand to establish a cross grip, holding the wrist from the inside. Once you bring his elbow close to your chest you lock it in so you can drive his arm and hand towards his shoulder. This makes it easier to finish the wrist lock. Once you do this, change your grip and the wrist lock is right there.

Talk about a super simple and highly effective wrist lock submission! It is amazing how little technique is involved in getting a wrist lock submission from bottom half guard. Typically, bottom half guard is not a position you think of looking for submissions. Usually you are trying to move into a more advantageous spot, especially if your training partner stands to break your posture. However, like I said before, wrist locks are everywhere. This is a deadly submission to have in your arsenal. Pull this one off and you are sure to frustrate your opponent.

Claudio Calasans’ Giant Killing System Shows The Hacks & Tricks You Can Use To Easily Tap Out Bigger Guys Before They Even Know What Happened. 

Claudio’s goal is to attack bigger opponents where they are weak and can’t defend; positions where he is strong and they are weak, no matter how big they are.



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