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How Well Do You Work Under Pressure?

How Well Do You Work Under Pressure?


Well, it’s likely that your answer would be a question itself.  What kind of pressure are we referring to?

How well can you execute your Jiu Jitsu technique while someone has you mounted, or in bottom side control?  Again, this would likely be answered with another question. Who has me in this position?

The point I’m trying to make is that pressure is not something that is just automatic.  It’s not necessarily something that is directly tied to the opponent’s weight, or any other factor other than a learned skill set and the ability to apply it efficiently. 

There are a lot of incredible grapplers out there that can apply bone crushing pressure.  Professor Bernardo Faria is one of those grapplers. Let’s take a look at his video “Bernardo Faria Shows His Principles of Pressure Passing” and see what we can learn about applying insane pressure.  

“I try to share my weight to create as much pressure as possible” – Bernardo Faria

Bernardo starts off talking about how he uses his shoulder as the point of contact on the opponent.  He goes on to discuss the issues with being on your knees when you are trying to apply incredible pressure.  As long as your knees are on the mat you are not going to be able to create any mentionable pressure. Likewise, when you are on all fours, both hands or elbows and both knees, there is no way for you to apply pressure effectively because your body weight is spread out across the 4 points of contact you currently have with the mat. 

From top half guard, if Bernardo does not do anything different from here he will never be able to apply any pressure that will have an impact on this match.  Because his hands, and knees are on the mats there is no opportunity for him to create pressure. 

From this position, in order to create pressure Bernardo could simply pop up to his feet and begin driving into his opponent.  While this will certainly create a substantial amount of pressure, it’s still not quite giving the opponent anything to write home about. Bernardo’s preferred method here is to take his right shoulder and place it in the opponent’s diaphragm turning his hips away slightly to get the right angle he is looking for.  When he is ready to really turn up the pressure, he extends his right leg dropping all of this pressure from into the opponent’s diaphragm. It’s important to note that even his left leg is coming up and he is using his toes on the mat top push off and drive into his opponent even harder. “It’s all about how you share your weight”.  

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Bernardo goes on to show how he successfully executes the double under pass.  Once again, the position Bernardo is in is fairly common but like before, there is no pressure on the opponent.  In order to create pressure Bernardo is lifting the opponent’s hips and driving into them to the point their knees are almost touching their face, while also using his left arm to cup under the opponent’s right leg and scoop it up towards the opponent’s head.  The last step then is to note that while doing this Bernardo also comes off of his knees and onto his toes where he drives into the opponent. Taking the opponent’s hips off of the mat makes it easier for you to control them to get your pass and creating this level of pressure obviously gives you essentially complete control. 

As you can see, creating pressure does not just happen.  Like anything, it is something we need to train. Professor Faria is an expert at creating pressure and has used it very successfully to help him secure several Black Belt World Champion titles along with many other accolades throughout  his Jiu Jitsu career. If you are looking to learn more about Bernardo’s game and how he uses pressure at the highest levels in competition against some of the best in the world, you must check out his video instructional titled “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” – By Bernardo Faria.  This passing system is, well, like it says in the title, it is battle tested.  This video instructional will give you the tools you need, along with the pro tips and tricks to handle any guard anyone throws at you.  This will transform your game providing in depth look at the concepts that allow you to creates intense amounts of pressure on your opponent to distract them and get your desired result.  Adding this to your game will surely prevent you from ever worrying about those little guys with the super flexible guard, you’ll have the skill set to create the right pressure and escape their guard. 

Finally, once we know how to get someone in the position, it’s important that we know how to get out.  For me side control is where I always seem to experience the most pressure and have the hardest time escaping.  If you are like me then picking up “Escapes from Everywhere” – also by Bernardo Faria is a must have. As it boasts statements like; “Never fear being submitted again” and “This is your opportunity to feel comfortable in any position”.  How could you not trust a 5 time Black Belt World Champion that is making bold statements like this because he is so confident it will truly change your game forever? You can’t…. You’re welcome.


Bernardo Faria has the techniques that work at the highest levels of No Gi BJJ. Check out his DVD "No Gi Pressure Passing", and learn from one of the best. Check it out here!




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