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Controlling Distance In A Street Fight

Controlling Distance In A Street Fight


Keeping your distance is crucial in a street fight self defense situation, but how do we manage it.

Self defense is likely one of the things people are most cocky about, and feel most confident in their ability.  I would argue that the more people train the less certain they are about their abilities in a street fight. Or maybe what I should say is the less vocal they are.  Does that come with the confidence of being trained? I think it does. The reality is regardless of what you think is going to happen, in a high stress self defense situation, you are going to perform the way you have trained. 

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If you have not been training, or ever trained, you are not going to magically become a professional fighter in the moment.  People don’t like to hear this because it requires work. The solution then becomes going out and getting a pistol and a concealed carry license if the state you are in allows it.

The tough pill to swallow here is that simply having a firearm, and a permit to carry it on your body, loaded and ready to go, doesn’t change your level of security one bit, unless you train with it.  As Chad mentions in his video “Controlling Distance for a Street Fight” – by Chad Lyman, if the attacker is pressing forward with strikes and has you on the defense continually backing up, you won't be able to get to your gun because you will be constantly trying to block punches and not trip on whatever is behind you and not have the time to get to the gun.  

Additionally, if you haven’t trained drawing your gun under a high stress attack situation you likely will not be able to perform very well.  

So if you are being attacked how do you create space and manage the distance so you are not forced into a corner, into another attacker, or into something that may cause you to trip and fall and hit your head.  As Chris shows in his video, rather than backing up when strikes are being thrown, we want to step to the side and forward next to the opponent’s hip. Stepping to the side, out of the way of the punch and then stepping toward the opponent’s hip will put you in a semi safe space because it is very hard for the opponent to strike you at that angle, and even if they do throw a punch or two, the punches will not have any power. This is much safer than backing up and will better position you to access your weapon, or deliver strikes of your own if you so choose.  

Before all of this happens though, if we look at attacks from a very basic level, typically speaking, they are happening to people that are deemed easy targets.  The best way to win a fight in the street is to not be in one in the first place. You can avoid a street fight many times but simply having some situational awareness.  Having situational awareness starts with not staring at your phone constantly, especially when you are walking through a dark parking lot or down the street. Staring at your phone in these situations is a big spot light on your face that says “here I am, I am an easy target”. Next, now that we have committed to not being distracted by our phones, is to pay attention to what’s going on around you.  Look around, make eye contact with people, does anything seem weird? If you are paying attention to what is going on, you will likely have the opportunity to get away, or deploy your weapon if you have one.  

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At the end of the day, most of us want to avoid street fights whenever possible and a little common sense goes a long way in doing just that.  I always look at it like no one really wins in a street fight. One person gets beat up and the “winner” gets arrested and sued. It is an unfortunate truth that we all have to accept and deal with.   However, if you are looking to take your street fighting game to the next level, BJJ Fanatics has something just for you.  “Street Fighting Secrets – by Chad Lyman”.  This video instructional will give you the confidence to utilize your Jiu Jitsu in a street fight situation, back to what we talked about with muscle memory and building the right habits.  This video instructional will also dive into how to use the training you have in the most effective way possible. For those of you that are real tough guys, you may also want to check out “Alpha Male Self Defense”- by Dean Lister.  Dean is a Jiu Jitsu black belt and his partner in creating this video is also a Jiu Jitsu black belt as well as a Navy Seal Commander.  These guys are more than capable of showing you the secrets of keeping safe in the, what can be dangerous streets. 

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