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How to Setup Triangle Choke From Masters Guard

How to Setup Triangle Choke From Masters Guard


The guard is easily one of the most important positions in Jiu-Jitsu. The name implies defense, but anyone that has become crafty off of their back know how offensive it can be. So why train your guard?

One way or the other if you train long enough you will be put on you back and controlled. People who neglect training from the bottom positions in Jiu-Jitsu will stick out like a sore thumb! For a lot of folks the guard is one of the positions they spend the most time in, at the early stages of development. This can be defeating for people who find themselves on their back and not having any options for attack. This is where Daniel Beleza and his Masters guard come in!

Daniel Beleza is famous for being the oldest competitor to ever reach a world championship final. His guard is what got him there! Daniel’s Masters Guard is designed with the older practitioner in mind. Today’s modern techniques can be ultra flashy and require an extreme amount of dexterity in your lower body to pull off. If you don’t have those tools in your tool belt chances are you aren’t going to be pulling off those flashy techniques. 

Do you find yourself unable to perform some of the advanced techniques that some of your younger teammates pull off? That’s OK! Jiu-Jitsu isn’t a one size fits all. That said, one of the most frustrating things when starting out is feeling lost in the shuffle. Most of the time the answer lies in simplicity. Giving yourself numerous simple options can be equally as effective as those flashy tech demos you see on Instagram. Let’s check out one of Beleza’s GEMS!

Here is a great example of The Masters Guard at work! Go from getting your guard passed to locked in triangle! The first step in this triangle set up from the double under pass, is to establish a collar grip underneath your opponent’s arm. This creates immense pressure on your partner’s trapped arm so they will start to remove it from the passing grip. BOOM, just like that you are looking at a triangle choke with your partner already nice and low!

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The Masters Guard emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness. In this 3 DVD set you will take a journey through the techniques that helped Daniel become a 4x Master’s World Champ. Learn specialized attacks like the Beleza Spider attacks such as the triangle and omoplata, from his UNIQUE perspective! 

Master Guard Instructional Video Daniel Beleza

The Masters Guard focuses on attacks from all angles! Whether you are proactive or reactive Beleza has something for you. Another major aspect covered in the Masters Guard is finding submissions while defending guard passes. Go from getting your guard passed to a locked in triangle with Daniel Beleza and his instructional The Masters Guard!



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