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How You Can Help Teammates Prepare for Competition

How You Can Help Teammates Prepare for Competition


They Are Testing Themselves. Help Them Out!

If you find yourself in a situation in which your teammates are preparing for a competition, you should offer them help in anyway possible. Helping teammates preparing for a Jiu Jitsu competition or MMA fight will not only increase the possibility of their success, but also elevate the reputation of your academy.

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There are a lot of ways grapplers can help teammates prepare for competition. The easiest and most obvious way of helping your teammates is by showing up to classes and sparring sessions and rolling with them at a level that is beneficial for them. The more teammates a competitor has to spar with, the more likely they will be successful in their matches.

Another great way you can help is by being a body for your competitors. Competitors will often stay late or get to class early to drill and get some extra training in, and they can always use a partner for what they want to do. This is especially helpful for instructors wanting to compete because they may not get to attend as many classes as they would like because they are teaching.

If you notice a lower ranked student preparing for competition, this is a great opportunity for mentorship. Many new grapplers wanting to compete are anxious about competition and could use the help of someone who has been around for a while. You can show them techniques, drills, identify flaws in their game and provide tips, and also just provide words of wisdom. When I first started, a lot of experienced guys helped me in this way and it helped me tremendously.  

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Finally, one of the best ways you can help is by showing up on competition day. Teammates showing up to a competition day can motivate competitors tremendously. You can use this time to help teammates warm up and get them amped up as well. If you happen to be a higher ranked student, you can offer to help coach students during matches and offer words of wisdom and support between matches.

At the end of the day, each competitor must step on the mats alone and make their claim but having support from teammates can be extremely beneficial. This will also create an environment of people wanting to help you when you want to compete as well.

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