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Old Man Sweep

Old Man Sweep


 Old School Sweeps Still Work!

Recently I saw a post that showed Marcelo Cohen sweeping his opponents in multiple competitions using a technique known as the Old Man Sweep. It seemed quite intriguing to me as it seems to be quite accessible. The technique is so named “The Old Man Sweep” because the opponent sees the sweep coming but once in motion, they simply fall over like an “old man” as Professor Cohen puts it.

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This sweep takes patience and timing to pull off. Your opponent is in your closed guard and secures a grip of any type or grips your lapel. With both hands break the grip and using a cross grip lock your elbow high. Once the grip is secure, pull your opponent in, their reaction of course is to pull back, if not this sets up a back take which is what your opponent is going to try to defend against.

As your opponent pulls back, raise your hand above your head, get up on your elbow and hip bump your opponent over and get the sweep. Perhaps this doesn’t happen on the first attempt which is where your patience and that timing come into play, creating a “tug of war” type engagement on the mats.

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Once you win the “war” and your opponent is over, secure the mount! In competition you’ve just scored six points! Two for the sweep and four for the mount!

Check out Professor Marcelo Cohen as he shows how easy it is to sweep his training partner with this simple but effective sweep and try it out next time you’re training!

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