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Improve Your Triangle With These Tips by John Danaher

Improve Your Triangle With These Tips by John Danaher


As a grappler with long legs, I find that the triangle is the submission I attack most frequently from a wide variety of positions. In fact, that is one of my favorite attributes of the triangle, is that I can attack it from positions from the bottom like closed guard and open guard but also from top positions like mount and side control.

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This is not to say that I don’t struggle with the triangle, in fact, I face the same troubles many grapplers face, and that is finishing the triangle. Although I have long legs, it is decompensated with thin legs that may not be able to apply enough pressure to get the tap. Due to this, I kept searching for different ways to improve my squeezing ability.

In the years that I have been training, the best resource for mechanical improvements outside of my gym is John Danaher. John is one of the best instructors in the world and has an infinite amount of concepts that can be learned by grapplers of all skill levels. We are fortunate that John has provided us with an instruction series on the triangle that not only includes attacks, but also extensive discussion about the finishing dynamics regarding this submission.

Watch the following video in which John explains the importance of mechanics and how grapplers of different attributes and skill levels can apply them to become better submission artists:

The biggest struggles grapplers with short legs have when attacking the triangle is getting the correct angle to lock and finish the submission. This leads many of them to ignore the triangle for the rest of their career, which is unfortunate, because this submission is one of the best. Watch the following video to see what Danaher has to offer in regards to finishing this lock.

The more you learn about the triangle, the more you realize it has quite little to do with body size, but more about the mechanics you apply to get the necessary angles to lock the finish. Squeezing power becomes relatively unimportant for the triangle once you learn how to cut the angle and use different muscle groups and entirely different yet superior ways to strangle someone.

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