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In Jiu Jitsu Timing is EVERYTHING



What’s the most important skill set to develop as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner?  What separates people who know moves from people who know how to execute them?  There is one simple yet extremely difficult notion that determines the quality of a jiujiteiro and that notion is timing.

This is best developed through live rolling and drilling and must be coupled with positional understanding.  Perhaps the easiest way to develop timing is through drilling with constantly increasing resistance.  This allows us to begin to understand how another person’s weight shifts, how their focus being drawn from one area to another will affect how they move…

Superb timing will ultimately mean that you don’t have to be faster than your opponent, you merely have to be there first.  This coupled with positional mastery will make you unstoppable to anyone who doesn’t have better timing and/or positional mastery.  This is what makes jiu jitsu so special.  This is why jiu jitsu has garnered such respect in the realm of combat sports and has proven itself to be one of the more superior methodologies.

Develop your timing by learning the right moves for your rolling preferences and then drilling those moves intelligently with skilled training partners who give you usable feedback.  At the end of the day, it will make you a better grappler. Check out our bjj videos for more information.

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