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The Champ Is Here: Lucas Lepri


There is one man who has dominated the lightweight division in the grand stages of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. That man is Lucas Lepri. Lepri is a dynamic grappler who has absolutely taken control of his weight division in the last five years. This champion shows no sign of slowing down. Keep on reading to learn about this amazing Jiu Jitsu athlete and teacher…

Lepri got his first taste of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2000 by watching a show on MTV called  Vinte e Poucos Anos. On the show they had a BJJ professor showing his training for the Pan American Championships. A short while later, he decided to give the art a try by going to Elan Santiago’s academy, which would begin his career. Santiago’s school joined up with the well revered Alliance Academy.

Lepri was doing great in the local scene and started showing improvement in the bigger tournaments as well. In 2006, Santiago awarded Lepri his black belt and it stunning fashion Lucas won his first world title. Many more titles and medals would be on their way during Lepri’s journey. He would go on to win championships and be a medalist at the World Championships in gi and no gi, the Pan American Championships and the European Championships. His most recent championship win was at the 2016 IBJJF World Championships where he would win the lightweight division by beating JT Torres and Edwin Najmi to take home the gold.

The success of Lucas Lepri is due to his all around strong game. The man is efficient with his takedowns, and has a very strong passing game. Off of his back, he is a master of the deep half guard which gets him back to the top. But not stopping there, he is also great when attacking the back of an opponent, where he is skilled at chokes. In fact, at the 2016 Championships, he defeated Edwin Najmi with a choke from the back. Lucas Lepri is a dominant force and will be for years to come. Anyone that competes at the lightweight division will have to go against this beast and will have an unbelievable test in front of them.


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