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Indecisiveness Is Stifling Your Progression

Indecisiveness Is Stifling Your Progression


Pick Something! And Hone Your Skills!

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that has thousands of different techniques. Different guards, endless types of submission, from endless types of positions. In this vast ocean of different techniques, it can be hard to settle on just one type of guard, or one type of position. We have so many options now a days. But, I am here to stress, while you are exploring the vast array of technique in jiu-jitsu, I will suggest that you find something that you like, and works for you, and to stick with it.

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I have had conversations with a few people at my gym, and they comment on how they are particularly frustrated that their guard isn't working. Or they cannot pass anyone's guard. Or that their submissions are not as crisp as they like.

I then roll a round with one of them. I start in their guard, and in about 30 seconds, they are transitioning from half guard, to open guard, then pulling me into full guard, then back to half guard...and I start to put two and two together…

We end the round, and a look at my partner, and ask “Why so much movement from guard to guard, and no attempts or setups for sweeps or submissions?” They respond “ Well, I am not sure what I am after, and I can only remember a few things from each position”. This got me thinking...

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Each Jiu-jitsu practitioner needs to find a system that works for them. Do not get me wrong, we all need to explore all aspects of the jiu-jitsu game, and learn as much as we can. That will make us all more well-rounded grapplers. But, we cannot all be masters of 11 different guards. In trying to do this, we will have a mixed bag of incomplete understanding. We will throw half-hearted attempts at sweeps, passes and submissions that will not work on opponents. This will lead to a lot of frustration, and a belief that none of the things you are learning actually work.

So, I think; become a half guard master. Or be able to armbar people from any position. Or be a leg lock master. Just pick something that works for you, and learn all aspects of that position or that sweep. Hone your skills. Many world champions have 1 or 2 positions or moves that they are amazing at. And these few things literally win them world championships. Keep a broad view, and an open mind, but be sure to work most on the things that you like, and that work for you. This approach will allow you to become a more effective grappler, and have more success on the mats.

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