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Inside Heel Hook: The most devastating submission in BJJ?

Inside Heel Hook: The most devastating submission in BJJ?


The inside heel hook. Is it the most devastating leg lock finisher in BJJ? If you don’t know the do’s and don’ts of escaping and when to concede to the infamous submission, it certainly can be.

There’s something about the feel of the submission when its being applied. Even during drilling, the idea of taking the submission to its completion is a little nauseating to some. The threat of injury seems to strike fear into the hearts of practitioners like no other. The inside of the knee feels particularly weak and prone to damage. It is a weak area of anatomy, that unfortunately breaks easily.

The best defense against injury? Good training partners, knowing when you’ve been “had”, and some good general knowledge of the position. In my experience many of the injuries come from botched, wild escape attempts, not overzealous application. That being said there are also details that make the inside heel hookless dangerous to apply when working with your training partners.

So, what is the inside heel hook? Here’s a good video to give you an idea. Lachlan Giles does an excellent job of breaking down the position he refers to as “the saddle”. Then gives key details regarding the finish of the inside heel hook.

You can tell by the nature of the technique that it is no doubt dangerous. Especially if your exposure to the technique is minimal. Lachlan’s advice is definitely worth paying attention to!

My good friend and fellow Professor at my academy always says, “This should be the safest place you visit all week”. (Referring to our academy) He’s correct, your best chance to avoid injury to yourself and others is to know when to let go and know when to tap. Don’t let your ego force you to take 6-12 months off or cause someone else’s departure from the training floor. Be kind to your training partners, consider their well-being, and guide the new students in a manner that benefits the culture of a good academy. When everyone subscribes to this ideal, we all reap the benefits.

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