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Inside Your First Year of BJJ

Inside Your First Year of BJJ


Work Hard. Stay Humble.

When most of us step on to the mat for the very first time, we instantly know we’ve discovered something very special. Some refer to it as “being bitten”. Which I have to agree is a perfect analogy. I remember my very first class, and the way it made me feel. I waited around afterwards to steal a moment of the instructor’s time to ask how I could buy a gi. I was hooked.

That first year is an amazing time in our journey. We get exposed to so much information. We watch the higher belts train, and become motivated to attain their level of skill. We spend a lot of time trying to sort things out and trying to grasp the fundamental concepts of BJJ.

What should your training inside that that first year look like? What should you be focusing on? With the staggering amount of BJJ information available, it’s easy as a new student to get sidetracked, and lured by fancy complicated systems and techniques. There’s nothing wrong with Learning advanced BJJ material, but if your fundamentals aren’t sound, advanced techniques might not give you the results you desire.

You see, there are certain constants in BJJ technique that translate from the simplest of moves all the way to the top of the most advanced curriculum. Long story short, if you don’t spend time on the fundamentals, it will be impossible to add an advanced level to your game.

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Have a look at this video with 5x world champion Bernardo Faria. In the video he discusses what you should focus on inside your first year of BJJ training. It’s always important to listen to the words of those that have gone before us. Especially those have that have achieved such high levels of success in the sport. Listen carefully to Faria’s words, and consider his advice!

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