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1 Simple Tip For Making Daily Improvements

1 Simple Tip For Making Daily Improvements


1% Better Every Day by Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell is the creator of the “1% better every day” movement. This is an amazing movement because you can apply this philosophy to every part of your life. Ricky Lundell is a Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3rd degree black belt under Pedro Sauer. He has been training since the age of six and is credited as being the youngest North American to receive the rank of black belt. Today Ricky is a notable coach, trainer, and motivational speaker. He is also a strategy coach and head trainer for MMA at the University of Grappling. . He is the coach of current UFC fighters Jon Jones, Travis Browne, Frank Mir, as well as former fighters Ronda Rousey, Dan Hardy, Miesha Tate, and Carlos Condit.

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One of the best mindsets when it comes to focuses on improving incrementally over long durations of time is the “1% better every day” approach. Rather than for big improvements rapidly, set a goal to do 1% better every day. For example, maybe you struggle with the scissor sweep. Make it a goal to hit a scissor sweep the next day. You may not pull it off, but you will notice yourself getting closer and closer every day. Over time this adds up, and after a few years it will be one of your go to moves.

No matter what you face in life, the 1% better every day mindset is a great way to approach any adversity you face. Check out the video below of Ricky Lundell talking about the 1% better every day mindset and think about how this applies to your training and your life.

Learn The 1% Per Day Improvement System That Took This BJJ Black Belt & Famous UFC Trainer From Someone Who Never Lifted Seriously To One Of The Strongest Men In Nevada In Under 2 Years: Working Out Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

Until Now This System Was Only For Famous UFC Fighters: Now He Wants To Teach You

Ricky Lundell is one of the world’s best strength and conditioning coaches when it comes to grappling performance



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