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Is the Kimura the most powerful grip?

Is the Kimura the most powerful grip?


The top jiu jitsu coaches in the world agree that the Kimura Grip is one of the most powerful grips for attacking submissions... like the kimura, but also chain into other submissions.

According to John Danaher The Kimura is one of the most misused techniques in grappling. Most don’t even get the basic set up right

John Danaher also believes that his killer DDS (Danaher Death Squad) have a big advantage with the Kimura grip. The Kimura itself is a big advantage that can instantly change the nature of the grappling match.

The Kimura has also been referred to as the Double Wrist Lock in Catch Wrestling or Reverse / Gyaku Ude Garami in Japanese Ju Jitsu. This position has been utilized in martial arts for well over 500 years, first being documented in Japanese Jujitsu.

The name "Kimura" was attributed to the hold in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when Masahiko Kimura, the judoka defeated Helio Gracie in a grappling match, by way of gyaku ude-garami, now known as "The Kimura."

The setup and control points of the kimura are everything - and most people are doing is WRONG.



The name has stuck within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community and the kimura attack position has been considered one of the best positions in jiu jitsu or any type of grappling art.

The Kimura grip has an incredible versatility factor due to the fact that it can be utilized in both Gi and No Gi and it is an extremely popular hold in MMA. There have been countless UFC fights finished by way of Kimura submission.

Mastering this position will give the Jiu Jitsu practitioner or MMA fighter a weapon that can be used in all competition rule sets.


Below you'll find 3 videos showing how you can use the kimura more effectively in the gym, in competition or in the cage.

How to do the perfect Kimura with John Danaher 

Switching Elbows to Attack With Kimura When Opponent Has Good Defense Against Arm Attacks

Shoulder Line Position and Control To Better Finish The Kimura Submission

Ready to Elevate Your Kimura Game to the Next Level?

Check out the 8 Volume Series called Kimura - Enter the System.  Here is a summary of what you will learn.

      • Mechanics of the Kimura
      • The Trinity of Power Concept
      • To use or not use your thumbs
      • The power line concept and how to use it to finish
      • Bending a straightened arm when opponent defends
      • Connecting with the kimura during rolling scrambles
      • Learning the 7 types of Kimuras
      • Kimuras from side control
      • Attack kimuras from half guard (top and bottom half guard)
      • Butterfly guard vs kimura
      • Kimura the kimura
      • Kimura vs takedowns
      • Kimura from turtles
      • Using the legs with your kimura attacks
      • ... and so so so much more kimura attacks.

Learn How To Make Your Kimuras Unstoppable



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