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Why You Have To Know The Front Headlock

Why You Have To Know The Front Headlock


John Danaher constantly encourages his jiu jitsu students (Gordon Ryan, Gary Tonon, Tom DeBlass, and others) to attack with the front head lock and guillotine attacks.

But, why does Mr Danaher suggest attacking the front headlock?

Simple - it is a grappling control technique that is always available, it is extremely effective - even is the submissions itself fails - it forces your jiu jitsu opponent to have an incredible defensive reaction, which then opens up other opportunities to attack with a variety of submissions for to improve your overall position.

Learn how you can obtain superior position with front headlocks and guillotines.


Gordon Ryan is a prime example of a John Danaher student working this front headlock / guillotine attacking skill.  Mr Danaher says that Gordan Ryan is devastating in the gym (Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in New York City) with his front headlock and guillotine attacks.

Check out some of these grappling techniques from John Danaher on the front headlock and guillotine attacks.

The Center Line Concept is a prevalent concept in all martial arts.  In this instructional video by John Danaher, you will learn how the center line shift applies when attacking from the front headlock position.

The front headlock is especially powerful when standing wrestling.  There are many ways to obtain the front headlock, but the snap down is one of the best.  Check out this video of John Danaher teaching the snap down to the front headlock.

As all good jiu jitsu students do, when taught the correct concepts and fundamentals of the grappling technique, they make it their own and develop their own variations and tricks. 

John Danaher also said that Gordon Ryan had difficulty implementing his front headlock game outside the jiu jitsu gym because his leg lock attack game was so strong, that he never got a chance to attack with front headlocks or guillotines. 

In ADCC, Gordon Ryan displays his front headlock game against the standing wrestling exchange between him and Keenan Corenlius.  John Danaher expected that Gordan Ryan would use the front headlock guillotine game more in ADCC because the rules favored takedowns AND no one would know that Gordon Ryan was nasty with the front headlock series.

In the epic ADCC match of Gordon Ryan vs Keenan Cornelius, you saw Keenan use all his defensive jiu jitsu techniques, including exciting rolling attacks - yet Gordon Ryan was able to finish mounted with a nasty strangle submission to take gold in ADCC.

This a powerful example of the "hidden weapon" in the front headlock / guillotine attack series. 


John Danaher has created a Front Headlock system that will increase your submission rate simply by investing the time to study and recognize opportunities for attacking the front headlock and guillotine.

As John Danaher said - "There is a reason so many great jiu jitsu athletes have made this move a centerpiece of their game - with study and training - so can you".



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