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It's Finally Here! King Gordon Ryan's New Instructional Series!

It's Finally Here! King Gordon Ryan's New Instructional Series!


2 Sick Moves From “King” Gordon Ryan!

Gordon Ryan has become a house hold name. As a New Jersey native, Ryan is a member of the notoriously well known Danaher Death Squad. He is a submission orientated competitor and a leading jiu jitsu figure of his generation. Gordon  cemented himself as one of the world’s best on the planet in 2015 by winning the Newaza Challenge and No Gi World Championship becoming Garry Tonon’s first ever student to achieve black belt. With Tonon’s growing influence over Ryan’s grappling lifestyle, Ryan began regular travel to one of Gary’s mentors – John Danaher. Danaher as the head coach of the Renzo Gracie Academy was a big part of Ryan’s success in the submission only jiu jitsu circuit where Ryan’s status as a potential star was first noticed.

Gordon Ryan just made headlines again after an impressive victory over Joao Rocha in the main event at Kasai Super Series. What great timing for Gordon Ryan to release a new instructional series on BJJ Fanatics! Gordon Ryan’s new Guard Passing Instructional series "Systematically Attacking the Guard" will be available soon, but in the meantime let us check out 2 sick moves from "King" Gordon Ryan!

The most anticipated passing instructional ever is finally here! Check out Gordon Ryan's new instructional series "Systematically Attacking The Guard!"


#1. Butterfly Hook Sweep Blocking The Arm

When training in the gi, you have a great tool to control your opponent with: the belt. By grabbing the belt and lifting your opponent verses pulling him as you would in no gi, you will be able to take him up and over. Get your right foot through and use the ball of your foot to elevate yourself. Now with your foot in place it will be much easier to push yourself off your hip and onto your shoulder. As you are driving take your opponent’s wrist and punch it down into his belt. This will trap his hand making him unable to defend from this position. Typically at this point a person is going to attempt to drive you down into half guard. So with your right foot through his leg you will use his momentum, lifting him by the belt, to bring him up and over, ending in top side control.

#2. Passing From Ushiro X Guard

This is a clip from Gordon Ryan's new Guard Passing Instructional series "Systematically Attacking the Guard by Gordon Ryan." Gordon Ryan is famous for his precision guard passing. The X guard can be a difficult guard to pass but King Ryan has an answer for the struggle. The goal of this pass is to get into north south position. By systematically dismantling the guard, Gordon can free his legs and step around his opponent, ending in a much better position to start attacking submissions.

First Time Ever Revealed: The Three Part Passing System That No One Can Stop. Whether You Are Big Or Small, Old Or Young - Gordon Ryan's Passing System Is A Cheat Code To Passing Any Style Of Guard

Learn Exactly What The Best Passer In The World Is Thinking As He Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Pass The Toughest Guards You’ll See At Any BJJ Academy or Tournament Bernardo Faria Teaches 29 Of His Best Guard Pass Techniques Updated For 2017. He Also Includes Running Commentary On His Sparring With Another 29 Sessions With Crazy Tough Brown & Black Belts, Including One World Champion.

  • In Just 7 Years Of Training Gordon Has Become ADCC World Champion & IBJJF No Gi Double Gold Black Belt World Champion. His Secret: The Guy With The Most Knowledge Wins
  • If You're Serious About Grappling - Don't Miss This Once In A Lifetime Chance To Improve Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • With over 10 hours of video, dive inside the mind of Gordon Ryan and see how he systematically picks apart the guard and passes the elite of the elite, including him breaking down actual footage of live sparring
  • Gordon Ryan has blazed a trail to the top, and after an ADCC championship and double gold at IBJJF No-Gi Worlds
  • Gordon approaches passing with the same laser-focused intensity and study as every other system in his game




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