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Jacare Returns At UFC 230

Jacare Returns At UFC 230


Jacare Souza With A Stellar Performance Over Chris Weidman At UFC 230

Jacare made his presence known to the Middleweight division on Saturday night at UFC 230. In an epic battle between two stalwarts of the division Jacare turned the tide of battle with little time left in the bout. Weidman and Jacare, despite being two world class black belts, spent very little time on the mat and chose to engage in a memorable stand up war.

On two of the judges’ score cards Weidman had already claimed two rounds. This means that he only needed to finish his memorable performance to seal up the victory in his home state of NY. Jacare had other plans.

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With about half of the 3rd round remaining, Jacare landed arguably the best punch of his career. As Weidman slumped to the canvas Jacare stood over him expecting the ref to step in. Sadly, Dan Miragliotta thought New Yorker had more fight left in him. Jacare finished the fights with several hammer fists, much to the chagrin of the MMA world.

This fight had some title implications behind it, with many people believing that the winner would face the winner of Whittaker and Gastelum. With Jacare winning against Weidman, this opens him up for two great rematches. The current champ Robert Whittaker started his championship run with a win over Jacare and Kelvin Gastelum earned his current crack at the belt with a win over Jacare. If the UFC’s track record for setting up fights is any implication, Jacare has a crucial rematch waiting for him.

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Jacare is currently riding a two fight win streak with wins over Derek Brunson and now Weidman. His last loss came from current champ Robert Whittaker. This might be Jacare’s much deserved title shot he has been hoping for since entering the UFC in 2013. That said Jacare’s time might be running short at the age of 38. We will find out soon enough!

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