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Jiu-Jitsu Staples: The Butterfly Sweep

Jiu-Jitsu Staples: The Butterfly Sweep


The method of achieving a reversal with the insteps of our feet is one of the most common forms of sweeping our opponent we’ll ever encounter. It’s a very strong and significant concept in BJJ. When we’re looking for examples of this particular ideal the butterfly sweep immediately comes to mind.

Traditionally the sweep is executed from the butterfly guard, hence the term “butterfly hook” that we hear so frequently in BJJ.  But it can manifest itself during the combining of other guards as well, such as half butterfly guard for example, using the same principles and mechanics.

The idea is simple. We find proper placement for the instep and load up our partners weight in a manner that achieves an off-balancing effect. Usually an under hook is preferred to accompany the butterfly hook on the same side. A method of trapping our opponents free arm so we can complete the reversal without allowing them to catch their balance is also required. These necessary components can be attained in a variety of ways, but the mechanics seem to remain similar in most applications.

Check out this highlight video od Adam Wardzinsky featuring a few of his greatest butterfly sweep moments. It’s a great collection of footage that spotlights the famous technique. Enjoy!

Adam masterfully employs the butterfly sweep in a variety of scenarios, using a multitude of different methods. His timing, and ability to off-balance his opponents to capture the sweep is beyond impressive and fun to watch.

Start at the ground floor with the basic butterfly sweep. You’ll discover that the basic sweep will connect you to plenty of familiar places, as well as some new, more advanced positions. As always, have fun and enjoy the ride!

If you want to learn more about Adam's butterfly guard system, check out Butterfly Guard Rediscovered available here from BJJ Fanatics!





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