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John Danaher Reaches Out to the BJJ Community with Free Solo Instructional

John Danaher Reaches Out to the BJJ Community with Free Solo Instructional



With the rise and spread of the covid-19 virus, many BJJ schools have been forced or have elected to shut their doors. These new restrictions and mandates have hit the BJJ community incredibly hard and the current situation has many school owners and practitioners feeling a little uneasy to say the least. We have never experienced an event like this in the past and the prospect of not being able to train for an undetermined amount of time is a bleak one that we are all being forced to realize. 

We know that the BJJ community is strong and we will find ways to persevere in the face of this unprecedented situation. The passion runs deep for our art and though our efforts to progress have been stifled, we will find ways to overcome. There's already been incredible efforts to use the internet as a means of staying connected to our academies. In many cases, instructors have already begun producing content for their students that they can use at home. Solo drills and anything that we can do to stay sharp have become a huge topic of interest and the heavy hitters of the BJJ scene are already stepping up to provide us with some important information on the topics. 

John Danaher has volunteered himself to help lead the charge on what we can do to not only keep our skillset intact but actually improve during our leave of absence from the mats. He’s traveled to Boston to film a solo grappling drill compilation that will be distributed absolutely free of charge. Solo BJJ Training Drills was put together quickly and is already available for your immediate viewing at the BJJ Fanatics Online Store. This is a great collection of ideas that will help you stay motivated and keep your skillset alive and well until we can make a return to that training floor we all love so dearly. 

Make some time to watch and listen to Danaher’s words in this video. Here, he explains what he deems to be the most important aspects of training alone and what you can do to remain strong, skilled, and efficient in your solo training endeavors. Have a look.


I think that one of the biggest takeaways here is to make sure that we keep our minds thinking about jiu-jitsu. For as long as this situation persists we must continue to make jiuj-itsu a part of our daily routine. WHether that is through studying online videos, solo drilling, or strengthening our bodies, we must keep BJJ a constant. 

Though we are just in the beginning stages of what is for many of us a very different way of living, we must stick together, keep our chins up, and keep our spirits alive. Don't let this situation dampen your passion and love for BJJ. Stay connected to your academy and your training partners and make a serious effort to resume your training in any way possible. I know that the BJJ community will continue to create new and creative ways to stay engaged during this time and remain supportive to each other. That's what we do. There has never been a more focused and dedicated group of people on the planet and I have no doubt we will continue to find new ways to lift each other up during this difficult time. 

Stay safe, take care of each other, and keep moving forward.

Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John Danaher

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